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Country United States
State Florida
City Aventura
Address 18851 NE 29 th AVE, Suite 726
Phone 305-395-6187

eCowhides Reviews

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  • Jun 15, 2016

ECowhide rugs would like you to believe they are a leader in the industry of providing cowhides, which is a complete lie. I ordered a black dyed cowhide and received the wrong color 3 weeks later than they had suggested it would arrive. I had to ship the rug back to them, which they said they would reimburse, a reimbursement I am still waiting for. The second cowhide arrived (6 weeks later than they said it would) and they are sticking me with the second bill for tarrfs. The quality of the hides were substandard and riddled with holes. I would suggest anyone thinking of buying a cowhide look elsewhere, ECowhides are terrible to deal with and don't stand by their promises. Ripoff!

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  • Nov 18, 2015

I was also ripped off by eCowhides!!! I purchased a cowhide rug from them over 4 months ago , I currently have no rug and I have paid $426 for the rug . I contacted my bank to try and get my money back but eCowhides are trying to say that I have the rug although you can track the rug and it clearly says I have not received it !! I am furious and will not stop untill I have my money back . The customer service ( if that's what you would call it ) was ridiculous from eCowhides, all I ever wanted was my rug and they could not careless to help me as they already had there money !! I can't stress enough do not buy from this site because you will end up out of pocket with nothing to show for it and no one to help you . Very disappointing there are people out there like this .

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  • Oct 30, 2018

I purchased a rug in july. It didn't end up being what we wanted so we returned it within 30 days. The return address they provided on their website for returns was apparently not the correct one because the shipment had to be re routed. When it got to the right place it sat there for 15 days with no refund. I called and they said they would issue the refund right there. They didn't. I have been back and forth with this company and chase bank The account i purchased the rug on) since july. It is now nearly november and i still don't have my refund. We are disputing the charge and chase is investigating the claim, and they have been investigating since august. Chase can't do anything further until they hear back from ecowhides and they are not replying back to chase's multiple attempts to contact. Ecowhides is a complete scam. They are utterly disgusting in the way they do business and i have never been more horrified with the customer service. Do not order from their website!!!! they will take your money and keep it even after you return their product. Chase bank's protocol is to give the company until december 5th to respond to this claim... So i have to wait 6 months from return date to receive my refund. There is no other words besides unbelievable to describe the experience i've had with this bullshit excuse of a company.

  • Nov 16, 2016

Bed reviews do not show on their site, only good ones

I have just received mine. While the quality seems okay, I am very dissapointed as the shape is terrible, like long ears at the smaller end, and with big uneven cuts at the wider end. While I am very aware that each animal is different, it does not even look close to what they advertise on their beautiful pictures. I had just addedcomments on their website with exactly same comments, but it seems that if the rating is low, they have to approve it, which means that no one will ever see my comments... the beauty of technology...always quite frustating.

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