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Easy Loans Limited

Country Hong Kong
City Mong Kok
Address 20/F Omega Plaza, 32-34A Dundas St
Phone 852 8199 9555

Easy Loans Limited Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2022

Easy Loans Limited Hong Kong SCAM, FRAUD, COMPLAINTS, REVIEWS.

Wu Changchun is listed on Linkedin as "Head of Media and Advertising at Easy Loans Limited, Hong Kong"

Wu Changchun is also the global CFO in charge of signing bogus loan contracts for "Business Finance Asia Limited Hong Kong" (professional fraudsters) to defraud unsuspecting borrowers online.

Business Finance Asia Limited swindled us out of US$60,300 that we forwarded as a "Credit Insurance Deposit" and they just disappeared. They no longer respond to emails. We have evidence to support this claim. A criminal investigation is ongoing.

Obviously, there is a relationship between Wu Changchun and these two companies (Business Finance Asia Limited and Easy Loans Limited). Easy Loans Limited is registered in Hong Kong under registration number: 1261789, Hong Kong money lender license number: 1482/2021

Don't be fooled if Easy Loans Limited looks like a real lender. Business Finance Asia Limited also looked like a real money lender and is registered with money lender license No. 0734/2021

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