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Eagle Logistics Services

Country United States
State Indiana
City Indianapolis
Address 2335 West Raymond Street
Phone (844) 836-9645

Eagle Logistics Services Reviews

  • Dec 26, 2015

I went to work for Eagle Logistic Services the Last of October of 2015. When I came to this company I had so many High Hopes. To date My truck has Made $21,226.56 And out of that Money My bring home pay is only $2100.00 But I was to be making 75% of what the loads pay. Eagle that is Back By Celadon trucking comes up with all these Insurances that you have to have. And comes up with all kinds of stuff you have to pay. So that they get all the Money. Quality Leasing is also owned and backed by Celadon

I told my DM that My concern was I wanted to make $2000.00 So that I could Get my kids Christmas. Talking to me he was all for it. But behind my back he was setting it up so that I could not make it. And when you call in to complain or request. All they tell you is we did not agree to anything in writing if you have anything in writing please send it over. During the investagation I have found that these three companies do all kinds of paper work to cover there self and rip the driver off so that they can make and keep the money.

I will be turning over all that I have to a panel of goverment offices that are wanting information on what these companies are doing. They are destroying drivers lifes so they can make a dollar. They are making drivers lose all they have with the promises of making it good down the road. They have a select few drivers that they make sure exceed so they give great reports on them.

Reports will be sent along with copies of lease agreements and all my settlement sheets. I am also in contact with other drivers that have worked for this company to get copies of all of theres as well.

I will be turning copies over to all Offices that want to investagate these companies. The only offices so far that has requested this is IRS. I have Been talking with offices in washington Motor carriers office and DOT and BBB.

I tried to get them to settle with me last week when I quit. But they acted like they did nothing wrong. That all they would say Is i dont have nothing in writing. Well I have lease agreements and copies of all settlements. I Have also showed where they are allowing eagle Drives the chance to book there own loads. But if you book a good paying load. you will get tied up at the dock and lose the load where it can be placed own a company driver so they can get more of the money.

They have Eagle company set up so Celadon cand use it as a tax write off.


  • Dec 19, 2015

I just wanted to take time to tell you all Merry Christmas, enjoy your families & friends, and know I am praying for the people at this company who are responsible for NOT paying my husband (and some other drivers) during the toughest time of the year. This is now 5 pay checks he has not received from you. The little tiny one he did get from you he had to call payroll and waste several hours to even get that, oh and to the lady in payroll that told him its not your problem, may the Lord bless you abundantly and I hope you NEVER have to hear those words from anyone when it comes to your pay. Josh, Mike & Brad Hackett I pray that in time you will learn what the word integrity means. Your drivers at this company are the ones who get you your paychecks, you should take care of them instead of treating them with disrespect. So for the thousands of dollars you owe my husband, I hope you enjoy his checks and are able to provide for your families.

This was posted to their facebook page.

  • Nov 23, 2015

I started this company in oct of 2015 i spent 4 weeks at this company as a lease driver and haven't been paid for 3 weeks it says my ytd was over 10,000 dollars but only received 2,000 of it so pls dont waste your time here ive lost everything my house my car everything because i worked for this company. .

  • Nov 6, 2015

I have worked for this company for 18 weeks as an owner operator, I am leasing my truck and trailer through them, their website states a lot of promises but when you work for them you are 100% on your own for this they take 25% of the loads that you find, you accept and you call and update. At the beginning my lease contract stated my payments for my trailer would not start for 2 weeks, celadon started taking them out right away I finally got my DM to speak to me on the phone and sent an email of my contract stating this they did not return the money and continued to keep taking it out.

I recently received a letter stating they were changing our deductible on insurance from 1000 to 5000 but premiums would be the same in what world does insurance payments work this way? In 4 1/2 months I have had 4 different DMs. Calling and trying to get ahold of any department is impossible. My most recent payroll statement which I had to track down myself because they just stopped sending it to my email address is completely wrong, they took out over 200.00 extra on my tractor lease payment, some new charge of 50.00 for Eagle Heavy Haul and a 19.00 charge for their tax service that I stopped the first month I started working for them. In 18 weeks I have netted 4713.62 dollars.Total Gross YTD is 44892 but after they take everything I have averaged 261.87 a week. I have lost my vehicle, my house and in serious personal debt because of this company.

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