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E Z Inn Motel

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 2450 Grand Ave
Phone 602-252-2801

E Z Inn Motel Reviews

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  • May 7, 2018

Working Report Title This is what your title looks like so far E Z Inn motel 2450 w Grand ave Phoenix Az Names unknown but spoke with cari or cali or caie manager/owner/clerk On 05/05/2018 At the EZ Inn motel location 2450 w Grand ave Phoenix az 85009 to rent a room for one week during our over night stay in room 211.

We could not sleep so the next morning when the office opened at 9:00am 05/06/2018 we requested a refund to leave due to a serious case of filthyness & bed bugs. Also multiple bug bites on myself & my son's skin, And she refused to refund after giving her proof of bites and bugs on bed instead she offered us another room we disagreed because if one room has bugs so do the others she continued to refuse and offer anther room.

I said ok if this room has bugs u need to give us our money back she still refused and we had no choice because we had no more money and nowhere to go. the next room 124 was fine for that night the next day 05/07/2018 my son leonard e goosby went to work, myself and my daughter n law desided to go to the chevron store/gas station located on thomas rd for snacks and to meet her friend vanessa.

We returned to the room 124 and begun watching television and laughing and talking we both spotted it at the same time a bed bug crawling across the blanket which is odd because we thoroughly checked the beds and box spring's on both beds and had them give us clean sheets & pillow cases. Only thing they didn't change was the sheet on the box springs i cant prove it but it look like this bug was planted to get rid of us and keep our money with there no refund policy!

When we first got here to rent a room there was a lady high tailing it up out of here and now i know why she was furious when leaving not thinking that these scam dogs are renting out rooms for cheap knowing they have bed bugs and useing a bogus no refund policy to keep your money and get away with highway robbery legally, but ILLEGALLY in every SINCE of the word i have video footage as well as photos of there filth and bugs and conversation with the front desk manager/owner/clerk who actually checked us in the first room and then put us in another room i see scam hustle fraud all over this...someone please help me take down this garbage ... your description ... Phoenix, Arizona

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