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Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 1330 W Fulton Market floor 5
Phone 1-800-258-6688

Dyson Reviews

  • Jun 22, 2019

Ad on claimed that I would receive a new "Dyson Cyclone V13™ Vacuum Intelligent Cleaning 2020" as part of a pre-order pricing to test it for Dyson for $89.00.

Took the money then told me it wouldn't be sent for 6 months. I tried to respond to email and it was a fake email address. I'm attempting to stop payment with PayPal and Discover. Previous reports here say PayPal would not refund. Hopefully Discover will.

  • Nov 27, 2018

In 2018 I made the mistake of falling for a phony job with Dyson vacuum co doing in store demos inside Bed bath and Beyond stores. I was told I got the job and that I was to be at the orientation location for them to look over and handle my social security card, passport, drivers license, etc. NEVER before in ANY job have I been fed the story of "we will get into trouble if we dont see your actual documents and make copies" (this was very fishy to me) plus I had lost my wallet and told them that I did not have them with me and the hiring manager Tim Auck made plans to have someone else meet with me the following week or 2 later to orientate.

I tried on numerous occasions to reach both Tim and Kathleen the onboarding specialist and was ignored. I was never given the chance to show my documents after I found my wallet, etc. Instead, I grew tired of not getting a reply and contacted Dyson headquarters and complained on the invididuals involved. I was notified that Tim and the onboarding/HR lady had told them that I "said I did not want the job and was no longer interested and they found someone else ".

Never before did I utter those words, they LIED because they knew they screwed up. Tim was also super unprofessional and kept saying at the orientation meeting that he would be having a discussion with his onboarding/hr people and I found him to be very pompous and incompetent, therefore I found myself wondering he was actually hired as a manager, given his lackluster management skills (to ignore emails from a new hire is unacceptable and should be grounds for disciplinary action by most companies, but to lie about the new hire and say he or she did not want the job is unforgiveable and unacceptable behavior).

They claimed that this is a $16/HR job with great hours and a possibility for it to turn into a regular job. I am still getting mail about "employee" benefits, yet I was told that I was replaced. I believe the whole job was a scam from the get-go, as I never see any brand ambassadors/demonstrators in the actual stores.

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