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Dynasty Suites Redlands

Country United States
State California
City Redlands
Address 1235 W Colton Ave
Phone 1 909-793-6648

Dynasty Suites Redlands Reviews

  • Jan 20, 2019

This disgusting completly backs up their at will employees. The new female Hispanic placed me in a room with a building on top. I could not sleep. Could hear walking around . Next: The room had a adjoining room could activity other room. After I made a week in advance reservation. The excuse not any rooms.

I had veteran Hospital appointments the next day. Could not sleep all night. Construction going on the next day. The new female employee refused to give me a photo copy of the receipt I signed for. The excuse is she was new. She did not know how to use the pan cake machine. I was relocated to a room with out a building on top.

Then at night a big white truck parked in a way facing out. Very rudely he opened his driver's side door. He put a dent on my right front fender then drove off. I informed the new at will employee. He is a male Hispanic adult. He wears a goatee and mustach . He has no name tag. He is about five foot ten inches. He drives a small blue car. California license plate: . His words were:" Sorry we can't help you". Then he walked away.

I was in the room . I was trying to take my medication for diabetes. Then the very same male Hispanic adult. He works with , Tito pounded and pounded repeatedly on my room door. He works with ; Tito in janitorial and custodian work at the hotel. He wears a brown short sleeve shirt. He wears blue levis. He has a goatee and mustach. He drives a small car car. Calif. plate: . He kept pounding on my room door.

I opened the door and asked what he wanted. The excuse for him pounding on my room door is so the lead janitor of maintence could bother me to look at the dent. He is not a auto body repair . He stood up and looked at me. His response was : " The dent is nothing". This dent cost : $100.00 to repair. Because at will employee put me in this room . The excuse no other rooms.

I received a strange phone call. It was a female that claimed she was a owner. She made excuses. For Patsy . That supposedly there were no other rooms. If a person as I was on the seven day a week stay program . I should have priorty . Since I am there any way. The person on the phone claimed the hotel has cameras. Only she can see whats on the camera.

I stayed another three weeks. Paid by credit card. The new at will employee that pounded on my room door was still employed. Never did the hotel appologize for his intentional hazing. A violation of Calif. Gov. Code: 12900. Its as though his unjustified actions are condoned of? Next: I had requested room service.

I was on my lap top, standing out of the room. So room service could clean the room. Most of house keeping are ileagal aliens with possibly fixed papers. Most don't like our president. The house keepers were over heard talking about how they feared being deported by imigration for fixed papers. This may include : Tito , the lead janitor and maintence at will employee.

The owners might let him live at the hotel rent free? On the day I requested room service. As requitred I stood out side the room. The possibly ileagal alien of house keeping with fixed papers called the new at will employee. He drives a small blue car. Calif. plate:. He then ordered me to stand by the pool. I asked why? I pointed out, I am out side the room . I asked : " Where is it posted exactly where a customer is required to stand in feet" ? He gave no answer. He then responded. " I have had numorous complaints about you".

I responded what is the merrit and validity to the complaint ? He gave no answer. It appeared this was : Retaliation for making a complaint. Calif. Labor Code: 6310. Or a form of constructive discharge . Calif. Labor Code: 2922. The owners might have given this new employee authorization to haze me to get a reaction. As grounds to form a case ?

Most of the time I stayed in the room. The only time I would come out of the room is to wash my clothes. Or buy food. I requested another few days. It was granted. Then : At will employee : Hilary a female Hispanic adult deliberately gave me a room that had a tear in the room desk chair. Plus: A hotel room with a bad air conditioner. She is suppose to inspect the rooms before giving any room to any customer.

I have to go to my credit union to see how much this hotel charged me? In case Hilary charged me for room damages that I did not do. Note: Employees will stick together to support lies for one another. Calif. Penal Code: 31. No employee is required to do anything unsafe or ileagal at any time. On one occassion I had to ask the front desk to help me with the room door that I could not open or lock. She did not call maintence.

She left the front office . Then fixed the door. It must be a chronic issue. This means they have a very incompetrant maintence employee. This is Tito. It appears based on , Tito's very bad English , he may also be a ileagal alien. In America with fixed papers? I most recently called to make a reservation.

It was Hilary that answered the phone. Her response is : " I was permantely banned from the hotel because of numorous complaints. The facts are as follows: Calif. Labor Code: 2924. For an act to be an act , the act must be proven that the act was wilful deliberate with motive and intent. What this is . Retalition for making a complaint. I wrote to , U.S. Imigtration to report all the ileagal aliens that work here . In house keeping and that , Tito might also be in American ileagaly with fixed papers.

This is very serious. These employees have access to personal hotel guests credit card numbers. Especially if they fear being deported by to their country. The owners of this hotel condone of hazing and using selective enforcement. Calif. Gov. Code: 12900. Most recently when I stated there lots of young male white adults were yelling and using profanity in the pool area.

Not one employee from the hotel said anything to correct them. This is a violation of: Calif. Penal Code: 415. Using offensive language. Being loud and boisterious. This is bypartisan. Here I am a male Hispanic American veteran did nothing but complain about a dent caused by a guest that parked next to my car and made a dent on my front right fender.

The dent costs : $100.00. Next: The new at will employee pounded and pounded on my room door. He drives a small blue car. Calif. plate: . No appology for what he did. If his actions are not in his employee hand book. This should be grounds for termination. For breach of implied contract. Calif. Civil Codes: 3300-3400. He is still employed. Not one employee corrected the young male white adults in the pool area , yelling and using profanity.

This is a violation of : Calif. Penal Code: 415. This might be because : Tito is afraid they might have laywers and he might get deported back to south of the border. This is biased and also bypartisan treatment. Also: For Hilary to tell me I am permantly banned for numorous complaints . For any person to make any allegation what are the facts to back up the allegation?

Also : If falsely accused of any alegation every American should know exactly what is the allegation ? Who made the allegation. This hotel is owned by people from : India. No American flag. No military or discount for American veterans. Perhaps the hotel owners are : Anti American veteran ?

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