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Dynamic Auto Tune

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 8516 Monroe Rd
Phone 1 980-939-1387

Dynamic Auto Tune Reviews

  • Apr 19, 2019

I initially brought my car in because my check engine light was on. I was informed that the intake manifold and water pump needed to be replaced. I paid $2300.00 for these repairs. However, the very next day the check engine light was on and my car was driving extremely rough, which wasn’t the case when I initially brought it in.

I returned my car to the shop and after several days of “diagnostic” tests, I was informed that my high pressure water pump needed to be replace at an additional $730.00. I spoke with Scott and declined this service because I believe my car was originally misdiagnosed.

I paid for repairs that did not fix the problem and were not necessary at the time. The problem with my car persisted and actually got worse after the initial repair. I’m extremely disappointed with the service I received at your shop. I know that the repairs on my car did not fix the problem. They only made it worse.

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