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Dynamic Auto Group

Country United States
State New York
City Newark
Address 408 Broadway
Phone 973-481-2885

Dynamic Auto Group Reviews

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  • Mar 26, 2018

[email protected] Auto Group Here is the owners name Bilques Ebrahim she also goes by the alis Neely Ebrahim. Neely Ebrahim is Vice President, Store Manager of the 86th & Lexington TD Bank at 1276 Lexington Ave New York, N.Y. 10028. Her husband who was running the dealership is Alex saleem aka Sohail Malik Saleem. He has been found gulity in the past of credit card fraud and identity theft, and is not even supposed to be handling personal information that could compromise someone credit. They both brought a home Boonton NJ 07005 after robbing people like you and the others they sold cars to. They have also robbed Mustafa Khawaja of $152,000 to start the dealership with. I hope this helps you. LAIRS AND THIEVES STOLE MY MONEY Newark New Jersey

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  • Dec 3, 2016

Run don't stop

This dealer is the worst. I purchased a car and paid them and I good faith expected a title. They did not give me my title nor honor the $300 payment back to me. They sent my car next door then I had to get new tires otherwise they were not fit to be on the road, so another $800. Now it has been two months and no title. I have an attorney and they have avoided his calls my calls and now it's in the hands of the attorney generals office of New Jersey. I'm stuck with a car that I can't drive because the temp tags out of date and no title. They keep saying a title is coming ha. I want my money back! This is fraud! RUN don't stop.

  • Dec 23, 2019

Doing the same things at NEW location Dream Car Gallery in Woodbury, NY!!!

I purchased a car from the owner of this dealership and in the same situation. He now owns Dream Car Gallery 760 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY 11797. Its been 7 months and I still dont have a clear title or warranty documents he said he mailed. How did you get this resolved?

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  • Nov 14, 2016

Do not finance through these people they are thieves! On Sept 10,2016 I financed a 2006 a4 through theses guys. The advertised cash purchase price was $3,999. When I told them I was going to finance the car, I was told the price of the car was going to go up. OK, I understood that the price might go up a little. So now I ask what the Apr was going to be and they said 21%. I agreed because I desperately need a car and this was my 2nd time catching the train from Mount Vernon, ny all the way to Newark. Now I was told the total purchase price of the car was going to be $7,679.98 Again I agree thinking that was the price with the interest included. Needless to say when I finally left the dealership and got home and started reviewing the contract I see that I'm paying $13,329.76 for a $4000 car. Oh was I upset.

Then as I start reading through the Credit Acceptance finance application I noticed this paragraph.

I understand that the price of the vehicle is the price which is set forth in the contract and that i personally negotiated this price with the car dealership. This "cash price" is the price that the car dealership would have charged had I purchased the vehicle with cash. I further represent that the car dealership did not quote me a lower cash price for the vehicle and that the car dealership did not increase the price of the vehicle because I was purchasing the vehicle on Credit or because the contract would be assigned to Credit Acceptance.

Once I read this my mouth dropped. That's not the bad part, the bad part is that I didn't fill out the Credit application, the finance lady (Yarishaliz Torres) did. She also put my digital signature on this statement. I immediately gave them a call first thing the next morning. Ms Yarishaliz said she doesn't see where it says this in the paper work, so I ask if I can bring the car back. She says no because the bank now has the contract. Me smelling something wrong here, immediately went on their website and took a snapshot of the price of the vehicle. Then I contacted Credit Acceptance and notified them of my dispute with the price of the car. Meanwhile when I purchased the car they gave a 20 day nonresident temp tag. That tag expired and i still hadn't received my hard plates. So I keep calling asking about my tags.

Finally a day after the temp tag expired, I take a risk and drive the car all the way back to Newark to get another temp tag from them. No offer to pay for my gas and $15 toll to get back into New York! To make a long story short, my third temp tag expired on Nov 9th 2016. Time after time I have called and asked about my plates and i keep getting the run around, like.. "we're still waiting on the agency that make the plates". I asked where is the title, they tell me the bank has it. I call the bank and ask them where is the title. The bank says they don't have it, but have noticed it has been an outstanding amount of time and they haven't received it. So I tell the bank that the dealership said that they have the title. The financial institution contacted them and all of a sudden I get a call from Ms Yarishaliz. As many times as I have called them and was told they would call me rite back, they never did. Matter of fact on Wednesday Nov 9th 2016 I started calling their office at 9:35am. I made 15 different calls to their office before I got in touch with Ms Yarishaliz at 4:45om.

So Ms Yarishaliz calls me and tells me that they are cancelling the contract and when can I bring the car back. I say well first of all I need plates to bring the car back and second I want my deposit back and the $598 I just spent putting on new parts and mechanic fees. Ms Yarishaliz then says how much she has to wait and see what the boss says. I then tell her well if I can't get my money back then I was going to take out a lawsuit against them because I wasn't going to be out of a car and my money. Plus I would win anyways because they are cancelling the contract only because they got caught in their scheme and signed my signature to a false statement. The only thing that saved me was that I snapshot their posted ad before they took It down from their website and it had a date stamp on it. Now the bank agreed to refund my payment to them, but these thieves are giving me a hard time. I just want my money so I can go purchase a car from a reputable dealer. Please people do not deal with these snakes. Also now I have a vehicle with expired temp plate sitting on the street side that's liable to get impounded because of no registration. I also told them I am not going to be responsible if the vehicle gets impounded because they didn't supply the tags!

  • Oct 13, 2016

I was sold a car with no back brakes or rotors, front light is off. My check engine light turned on after only 1 week of using the car. I had to get an oil change, replace my car brakes and rotors now my front brakes need to be replaced. My gas door doesnt open. My seatbelt started not working either. I had to replace 2 tires already. My battery was no good. I had to get a new one as well. My motor is horrible. The car began making a really loud noise. My plates were given to me after 2 months. I had to call multiple times but kept getting the run around. My car turned off on me already 3 times while driving. I finally got in contact with the woman working even though I asked for the owner. She informed me the best they can do is get me in touch with THEIR mechanic and I would get a discount. However his estimste just over the phone without even seeing my car was more than the esimate from a regular mechanic. When purchasing the car the owner told me within 3 to 6 months come back and I'll get you in a new car if your payments are on time. I set up automatic payments from day one but now more than a year later my car "doesnt have enough equity" to get it replaced. When I spoke to the owner HE STATED" I will never sell you a lemon. You are a woman just like my wife, mother, and cousins. I would never put you in a car that you would be harmed." Yet I find myself now with no brakes a car that turns off and has engine problems. After he sold me the car I have yet to hear anything from him or his associates besides me contacting them. Their "financial guy" was extremely rude. Oh and on one of my attempts of showing up to the business to get in contact with the owner the associates were stating how many of them take the cars on joyrides to show off infront of their female friends and that one even got stopped my the cops twice and had an accident once. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

  • Oct 10, 2016

I bought this car with cash and did not see the title for about 60 days and my temporary license plate expired afte 20 days and they would not give me an extension or the title so I can register the car so It just sat there in the street undriveable I kept calling and showing up over there and they kept stalling saying the title will be there in a few days which was BS once they have your money and you're out of there you can forget about any customer service and they passed the BS baton to each other when they've exhausted all their lies. I was planning on buying another car from them but after this experience I would never do it and I won't recommend anyone doing business with them Gene starts off as a nice sales guy but after he has your money and you leave you can forget about customer service the Steeler has good car prices but beware they have a lot of issues. The owner is an a*****e and hides from his customers. If you need this car to get to work don't count on it.

  • Mar 22, 2016

Purchased a vehicle from this place. Several things went wrong. Service light was on, tires were low, oil chsnge needed. None of this was done...Engine light went on driving from NJ to Pa (167 miles). Stopped to get oil. was 1 1/2 quarts low. There mechanic checked the vehicle before wempicked it up and they put a coil and wires in it...but that bwasn't the problem. I took it to my mechnic and paid 426.00 for a fuel injector. The battery was also bad and it cost me 105.00 for that plus an oil change for 25.00 in less than a week of owning the vehicle. I fought with them and they gave me 200.00 only. The kicker is that they gave me my first temporary tag which expired in February 2016. I got a second temp tag that expires 3-22-16. I still did not get a permanent license plate and it has been 2 months. They never call you back and they have ignored me more times that I can tell you. I was also lied to about my license plate because it was never applied for. I cannot legally drive my vehicle after midnight tomorrow because I do not have a legal tag and my inspection is way overdue. Not a nice place to buy from. They also took off my review which is basically the same as my report is now from their web site, needless to say they didn't write what I put.........

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