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Dublin Buick GMC

Country United States
State California
City Pleasanton
Address 4400 John Monego Ct
Phone 1 925-452-7908

Dublin Buick GMC Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

Dealership Scams Auto Dealer Loan I had got scammed into from Tavis Cambell internet sales man! Unscrupulous car dealerships can’t wait to pick your pocket One of the auto industry’s dirty little tricks is the practice of lenders giving kickbacks to dealers for charging high interest rates for the car loans. This man tavis had taken my trade in for a high priced vehicle that I did not approve at all. He hurried to get me into finace to be tricked into a dirty deal and this was my first transaction in getting a car purchased from GMC here in Dublin ca.

Tavis Cambell is not to be trusted or taken seriously! He actually spoken highly on his past history dealing with being a pastor and doing prison time in jail. This man was very flirtatious and a fast talker. Please be aware of this sales man because you will lose alot!! A good example of this would be when a buyer has been qualified for an 8% loan rate, the dealer can, and will in most cases, attempt to charge a higher rate....Tavis lied and spoken on getting a better rate but never told me I was getting this loan rate at all that was so low.

Many dealers will tell you they have a 12% rate available (a lot of consumers do not know better) and will jump at the deal just to get credit and drive away in a new or used car. This is what Tavis campbell talked me into and im very disturbed over this matter and contacted the owner on this issue and got any return yet. Be aware of this place to buy a car and stay far away .... the dealer who suckered you into the additional rate of interest.

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