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Drake Customs

Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Address 905 N Port St,
Phone 877-647-1193

Drake Customs Reviews

  • Jan 18, 2023

In December 2008 I placed an order with Drake Customs (now known as "Recon Classic Car Bodies and Performance") for a 67 Mustang fastback shell. After wiring a deposit, (owner) Ray Carmody told me I'd receive my car by March 2009. A few weeks later, they said they were 1/2 done and asked me to wire them part of the remaining balance, which I did. A month later, they said they were done and to wire the balance, which I did. The total wired: $10,181.00. When I started asking about delivery, they said they were just waiting on the title and it would take a few weeks. OK. When I called back a month later "Still no title, just a while longer", "We need to finish up a couple more little things, just a while longer".

OK. Then whenever I called back I got a lot of "Ray's not here right now, let me look into your file and call you back," followed by no calls back. This went on for months. I finally got so frustrated I drove 4+ hours to Arizona in August 2009 just to talk to someone. Again, Ray Carmody "wasn't there" and it turns out they hadn't even started building my car! After 13 more months of their stall tactics and excuses and 4 different shop managers, I AM DONE! But they won't refund my money (because they don't have it) and they won't tell me if or when I'm going to get a car - "We're working on it," "We'll make it up to you," excuses, excuses...

After a total of 21 months of lies and waiting for a car that was supposed to be completed in 3 months, my patience has run out. I have opened a fraud case with the Arizona Attorney General against them. At least one other person I know of has also done this. I suspect this is why they've recently changed their name because the truth about "Drake Customs" is starting to come out. According to shop manager Bobby Morris they have taken money from approximately 20-25 customers who are waiting for cars but now they have given us no estimated delivery times. This is unacceptable. This is fraud.

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID Drake Customs, Recon Classic Car Bodies and Performance, Ray Carmody and Bobby Morris!

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