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Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Boston
Address 222 Berkley Street

DraftKings Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

I sent these jokers $9000 from my debit card on a Friday before the third week of college and second week of pro football.

I made a $5 wager to take advantage of a promo they were running. That evening I sat down to begin wagering and discovered my account was locked. When I contacted them through email (there is no phone support or live chat) I was told that there was "unusual activity". How is that even possible?

My bank said the funds were collected by Draft Kings and I wagered just $5. In order to allow me to use my funds they wanted me to take a selfie holding the driver's license that I already sent them. They had one other demand. They wanted my BANK STATEMENT! What??

I informed them that this wasn't going to happen. Offfered to scan my debit card which would confirm that the card belongs to me. They responded with the same demands. This is still going on and it is now Wednesday. The last communication is from them is that they're closing the account and would contact their "payments team". I'm looking at minimum total of at least one week until my money is returned. Stay away from these clowns. Worst customer service ever as well as being thieves.

  • Sep 12, 2022

DraftKings has setup their system to easily accept funds $$$$ from residents of States that DraftKings is not available (outlawed) knowing that residence of those States cannot wager on DraftKings. Then when those dissatisfied customers demand a refund, DraftKings refuses. That borders on criminal if not outright criminal scam.

DraftKings knows the above system process and then advise these scammed individuals after they have deposited funds they cannot use that if they want their funds $$$ returned they will need to withdrawal them.

Ahhh but then another scam. DraftKings advises these ripped-off individual to deposit more $$$$ funds ($5.00) with the hopes of linking their PayPal or God forbid their bank accounts to DraftKings. Yes, this is actually what DraftKings advises!!!

Then and only then after DraftKings has required these ripped-off individuals to link their financial accounts will they be able to withdrawal their funds from DraftKings. Any reputable firm would prevent the residents of States that cannot use their platform in the first place from transferring any funds $$$.

Any reputable firm would provide a refund promptly to the customer and do what is right!

  • Dec 25, 2021

I requested to be refunded money from Draftkings and Draftkings refused to refund me money. I didnt want to use Draftkings. Look at the politics. Draftkings is officially a rat.

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