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Dr Richard Rolle

Country United States
State North Carolina
City charlotte
Address 9615 Caldwell Commons
Phone 704-885-4256

Dr Richard Rolle Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2022

Dr Richard Rolle is a scammer who spends all his time trying to cheat people instead working as a DR.

I ran across Rolle through a private network and he needed to borrow $15,000 for a week loan until his money came in. This was a lie and the whole intention was to milk me for as much as he could. It is embarressing. He cheated me out of more than $80,000.

The money was always coming in. He even got a fake loan officer saying he was approved and the money was coming in to repay me. This was all a sophisticated scheme to defraud me.

His business was non existent eventhough he pretended that it was still running. He is an oral surgeon. He does not practice that but purley goes to cheat people. He was taking the money that was suppose to be for the business and paying personal bills. A $4 million dollar house on the water in Charlotte.

When he scammed me for all I had he went after the people that he met through me trying to get money out of them.

He is a true embaressment to the medical community and the human race in general. Be carful of him because he is good at his con and gets others to vouch for him and you thik it is real.

Biggest mistake in my life ever meeting him - be warned, run and call the police.

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