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Downing Hills Apartments

Country United States
State Oregon
City Beaverton
Address 9385 SW Downing Dr.
Phone 503.524.6009

Downing Hills Apartments Reviews

  • Mar 23, 2019

Well, I called to inquire into taking a look at an apartment here. I have a friend who rents at Downing Hills, and thought, why not? Let me tell you why not....

The invasive application process, which requires one to submit a COPY of both a social security card AND ID (presumably driver's license). Well, oh my goodness! When I asked the office manager into why (who, by the way did not identify herself with a name/surname) she stated, "well, when we do your credit check, just in case something comes back, we can have it on file to send."

This is fabricated lunacy and this place gets away legally asking for all of this documentation because it is a private entity! You know what is reasonable - when a landlord asks the tenant to provide a copy of the credit report. Takes a look at the ID, but does not copy the ID.

I am curious if the high Hispanic population who lives in the area has anything to do with this policy of child's play - asking for a social security card -and a copy!? hmmm....

Guess what - you don't have - the social security card and ID of: the office manager, matinence person (s), groundskeeper (s), property owner(s) etc. Yet, they ask that of you. Who is the criminal, eh?

To top it off, I took photos of my friend's apartment one day (see attached). Too many cracks in the walls for ants/silverfish to frequent the apartment. So, you cannot walk around barefoot inside - you must wear slippers.

Matinence orders are taken online, so no real person to call.

Lastly, take note that Washington County police wear body cameras. The train station in the area has an elevator that states you are being audio and visually recorded. So, the county this apartment is located in is a load of 'surveillance.' Let freedom ring!

Thanks, but no thanks!!!

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