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Down And Dirty

Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 3300 GIBRALTAR DR.
Phone 951 901 3655

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  • Aug 18, 2015

Raul Flores and his wife Connie Alamillo are vendors for Sentinel Field Services. There business operation consist of preparing REO properties for marketing. They also specialize in ripping people off. They are doing business as: Down and Dirty Property Preservation based out of the City of Riverside. Raul Flores and Connie Alamillo are very dishonest people. They have you perform work for them as a Sub-Contractor. Raul and Connie will never disclose their business address to there contractors. When asked to meet Raul and Connie will always deny your request and come up with poor and lame high school excuses as to why they can't ever meet you. Might be a little to late as it seems the cat is finally out of the hat for these people and the very same Sub-Contractors they ripped off can finally serve them with court filling documents and police reports. Raul and Connie assign work to you via email with poor or no job details of the work to be performed. Raul and Connie commit to financially compensating you for labor performed on a 21 day pay frequency. By then you are down approximately $1600.00 due to the fact you have fronted money from your own pocket to perform work for them. ***They will NEVER pay you!!! Please read again NEVER pay you. When you reach out to Raul or Connie to demand payment they never reply to your emails, telephone calls go unanswered and messages are NEVER returned. Raul Flores and Connie Alamillo, do know what is a Mechanics Lien?

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