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Dove Trucking Inc

Country United States
State Washington
City Moses Lake
Address 11958 E Wheeler Rd
Phone 1 509-765-2206

Dove Trucking Inc Reviews

  • Dec 13, 2021

I witnessed this truck driver following less than one car length behind a minivan full of children at about 6:30 am on 12-14-2021, roads were extremely icy this morning so the minivan was probably going 5mph under the speed limit. Truck driver continued to ride extremely close while turning his high beams on and off to blind the mini van driver. I witnessed this minivan driver pull over to the shoulder because they felt unsafe as the truck driver then proceeded to pass them before they were even pulled over and going into oncoming traffic over a double yellow line on the highway.

He then proceeded to speed at least 10mph over with extremely low visibility due to fog and proceeded to get on the next cars bumper extremely close. This happened on highway 17 heading south from ephrata, WA going towards Moses lake, WA where the truck drier is stationed. This is a very well known company in the area and very unprofessional driving for a CDL driver.

Our company has used them for outside hauling and will no longer be conducting business with them knowing our cargo and other drivers are put at risk.

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