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Doug's Buggs & Bunnies

Country United States
State Arizona
City Mesa
Address 1502 W Main St
Phone 480-962-1101

Doug's Buggs & Bunnies Reviews

  • Jun 10, 2016

I took my daily driver bus is to get checked out. They did an inspection and found nothing major wrong. They recommended fixing bushings and adding a breather box so oil doesn't spray out (for the Cali trip I mentioned to them).

I took the advice but when I picked up my bus I could not shift into first or second gear -because the new shifter had a trigger to pull in when going into reverse except they put it in wrong and it engaged after leaving 2nd gear, and i needed to pull up on it again before putting it into a lower gear.

Also my bus which I drove every day immediately sprayed out oil all over the engine. I immediately Took it back in and they ran some tests and told me I needed a new dipstick seal. But it engines seals weren't perfect but they weren't the issue and would be ok with the new dipstick seal. I didn't get 5 miles before my engine bellowed out smoke and the back of my bus was completely covered in oil. I pulled over and it didn't start. I waited for an hr got it started and emailed Mike one of the employees in FB (he added me so he can show me the bus bras his wife makes). He replied back and was nice about it and told me "they would fix their mistake and it was probably the breather box installed"

I took it back it they wanted to charge me for all 3 of my visits and charge me again to fix what they messed up on my engine. Then when talking to Fish (the new owner) he said I can't guarantee your bus is going to run forever when it leaves my shop (I MADE IT 5 MILES!!) he also wouldn't let me talk, was extremely rude and talked over me and then had the nerve to say I was a FB stalker because I'm hitting up his employees about the issues... Lmao! and obviously he wouldn't fix my bus.

The owner is a scumbag and the shop shouldn't be trusted. I will be posting pictures soon of the damage done and all of my receipts they charged me for from start saying my bus was in good condition and the conversation I had with Mike the employee minutes after I left. "They say we have only grown from word of mouth so we take extra care of our customers... That's a bunch of crap. Look up reviews on samba and their old shop location. Keep in mind half the people that they screw over are older and don't even use the Internet

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