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Double Front Cafe

Country United States
State Montana
City Missoula
Address 122 W Alder
Phone (406) 543-6264

Double Front Cafe Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2019

I made a terrible mistake getting into business with this guy. I was warned but I knew him for many years and thought I could trust him. He is a spineless liar and the biggest p****y I ever meet. My friends told me he was no business man. He owns the Double Front because he managed to blackmail his own family out of the business. His dad, Gene Herndon was the business man. Lex is a moron and people told me he only made money because he is a cheat and a liar. I should have listened because the result cost me BIG.

We agreed to open a chicken restaurant like the Double Front south of Missoula. Lex was to put in capital and my wife and I were essentially going to work for free and put in money. Unfortunately, the business was slow to start and after working for nothing for years, Lex threw us out of the business and gave us NOTHING. We were told to sue but at that point we were so beating down from working long hours for little. I walked away. I started drinking heavily and essentially ruined my health. I was devistated.

Lex sold the building at a profit and gave us nothing. I hope you enjoy your money Lex.

William C. Greeley, Jr. R.I.P.

February 19, 1949-March 21, 2011

Missoula, MT

  • May 29, 2018

I read with interest the reports of food poisoning at this establishment as we suffered the same fate. About 5 years ago we ate at Double Front and got extremely sick several hours later. I mean throwing up sick and the onset was quick, and affected all of us. It was no flu. Chicken is covered with Salmonella and if not handled correctly it will result in food poisoning. This poorly managed dive has several complaints against it.

We have not eaten at Double Front in many years because the owner, Lex Herndon, is a Ahole of giant proportion. We were dear friends with his brother-in-law, William "Bill" Vogan. Bill was a saint of a man and the closest thing to Buddha on earth. He had a kind heart and never spoke ill of anyone. Bill worked for Lex who ridiculed and belittled him.

He had him cleaning toilets and would mock him until Bill quit. Dirt Bag Lex then denied him Unemployment. So after several years of staying away we went back and got sick. I think it was Bill telling us something....? I suggest you stay away, bad Karma!

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