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Double C Construction Inc

Country United States
State Oregon
City Prairie City
Address 323 Nw Washington St
Phone 541-820-3576

Double C Construction Inc Reviews

  • Dec 31, 2019

You need to remove the complaint

The guy that wrote the complaint Is a drunk exemployee who got fired. Its sad that a web site will alow people to hurt others without being able to prove anything.

  • Apr 13, 2017

Les Church of Prairie City, Oregon who operates Double C Construction is a crook. He gouges his clients, charging exorbitant prices, then using whatever used, junk parts or scraps he has laying around he will fab up your job, usually totally screwing it up and leaving his customers very unhappy. He does not have a contractors license, nor does he have the skill to go with it. His contractor credentials came as being "grandfathered in, due to his fathers past ownership of the company. He is incompetent and he is a deadbeat contractor. I would not recommend Double C Construction for anything! Do yourself a favor and call the next contractor in the phone book, but skip Les Church at all costs, you will be glad you did, believe me. He does not know how to draw or read blueprints, he can't do his work to spec or code, he is a sloppy and totally scattered person who can not focus on the tasks at hand. He also does not treat people very well or fairly.

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