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Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address P.O. BOX 93835
Phone 1-866-547-6310

Dotty's Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2022

Approximately 2 years ago at the 754 S Boulder Hwy location I was sitting in the middle of 2 women that were playing. I play slots fast and tap the button to stop the machine. One of the women started telling the other lady on my other side how terrible I was for tapping the button and playing too fast. She went on and on to the other lady for about 20 mins about me and I never said a word to either (they both were smoking and I do not smoke and were blowing smoke toward me but I never complained).

I did text my wife who was behind me playing slots was she listening to what was going on and what they were saying. She did hear what they were saying. So finally I had enough and said something to the woman who was bashing me. I never called her a name nor any vulgar words came from my mouth. She went and told the Dotty employees that she wanted me thrown out and I was causing a problem.

My wife came over and defended my story as she had heard many of the things that were being said to me. She unfortunately got into a word confrontation with the lady and we were told to leave after having to listen to the woman berate me for the better part of 20 mins. I reported the incident to management and they said "I am going to have to treat you 2 like my children and separate you".

We have been in the location very little over the last 2 years. I was in there last year and they threw a person out beside me because they said they were playing the game too hard and tapping the button. I think it was to prove a point with me sitting beside them. Nobody ever said anything to me about not being allowed in the location until last night.

My wife and I walked in and the woman who started this was there on the other side of the building playing. We sat on the other side and started playing. After 10-15 mins one of the employees handed me a card and said to leave and call the card if I had a problem? I asked why and they said they were in the process of 86ing me. I asked in process for 2 yrs?

They called the police. I told them if they did not call the police I would call them for harassing me. I waited at the door till the police arrived. Once the police arrived they could care less what happened and told me I was being trespassed off the property. I was told if I set foot on that property and they were called I would be arrested. Now keep in mind this all started with a person who could not stand how I played the machine and talked about me for 20 minutes to another person and I never said an ill word to her.

Dottys has refused to call me after numerous calls to the number on the card handed to me by the employee. The employee that night could not even explain why or when the "incident" occurred but wanted me gone. How is this possible in todays world? I did absolutely NOTHING wrong but I have been discriminated against by a person who lied through their teeth about it all........

And to beat it all they were sending me comp money until I walked into another location last week and they said it had been voided and wondered why. The employee said after checking the computer "oh, you have been 86ed" and I usually get $hundreds of dollars a month from them. The employee mentioned there had been other incidents from that location and could not believe why I had been treated that way.

  • Jun 11, 2019

The employee was sitting at the table talking when I walked in .I walked straight to the counter before I went to my machine. I waited for her patiently .

I asked her if I can use her lighter ,she told me she has some for sale, I asked if I could use hers she said she don't smoke.

I went back to my machine and asked the couple next to me if i could use their lighter . I used the lighter continue playing, waiting for my boyfriend to come .

I left to go get cash from atm to come back to my boyfriend which didn't arrive yet .

I walked inside and went straight towards him and she says to me do I know him, I told her yes, she says are you sure. i say yes. Then she says I was asking the couple for a cigarette and that I was inside soliciting.

You can check the cameras I only asked to use a lighter I didn't know asking to use a lighter was a crime?.

I told her how could I ask them for a cigarette when I walked straight to you and asked for a lighter?

  • May 18, 2019

I went into the Dotty's on 1525 N Eastern Ave in Las Vegas and I ordered 2 diet dr pepper's which I was overcharged for and sat quickly at a table and quickly answered a phone, well that set the clerk off . He told me to leave since I was loitering. I followed there policy as I have all the time, I bought 2 soda so that I am not loitering. He asked me to leave and I asked him why since a couple was at a table laughing, smoking and drinking but not gambling. He told me that were not loitering since they were drinking alcholic beverage and I ordered a soda. That is

dis·crim·i·na·tion /dəˌskriməˈnāSH(ə)n/

Brian CHamberlain 9032450205 Las Vegas NV

  • Jul 8, 2018

The manager Loyce has been harrassing me for months when I'm at the store. She purposely has people tell me I'm 86'd from the property. She has singled me out and had people watch what I play, how long , the denomination and what I drink. I've had several other players whom we both know come up to me and tell me she is asking them whom I am seeing or making comments about how she knows I am seeing. I never had a problem with Loyce when I was talking to her or giving her information on the store. There were several times that she would call me and we would talk on the phone or give me rides to stores or even have me walk her to her car, and go with her. You can pull video from us eating the food there together as well, on several times we have sat there eating her employee meals for food they had added to the menus. In November of last year Loyce and her boss the General Manager Michele started harrassing me and discriminating against me when I stopped supplying Loyce with information and answering her calls... I can provide the number. There are several people who go up there and don't play like they're supposed to or at all and get served even by Loyce her self. I know that Loyce has been involved with players and other employees. Since then more harrassment has occurred to the point I couldn't even go in that store which I've gambled at for several years. I've been refused the right to enter the store, been accused of illegal activity, refused service. Since then I have been 86'd my tickets were cancelled. I have made several calls to their customer service number for weeks with no response. I have called security, and marketing. I even went up to the corporate office to complain against both Loyce and Michele and everyone has refused to help me. Looking up my account you can see the amount of money I have put in. As well as how long I have been a member there... Yet the problems only started when Loyce came back and after I stopped speaking to her and supplying her with information.. I can provide names and numbers for all my claims. ... Michele and Loyce are horrible managers whom only enforce rules as they see fit and to those who benefit them. Loyce, Michele, and the corporate office are very disrespectful, underhanded, and neglegant in the way they conduct business and address issues.

  • Apr 4, 2018

While playing today I noticed that my points were not increasing on the machine Apparently questioning anyone here about this is a crime and the CUSTOMER is at fault for not properly bringing this to their attention...Vouchers? I submitted a change of address three times and still nothing. They blame it on corporate or each other or the customer..lame mangement and unfair business practices. The real danger here is the criminal element that hangs around this place at night. Observed a drug deal going down near the mens bathroom. SIX men went into the bathroom at one time...found needle and empty syringe on the carpet after they left. These dumps put one attendant on only and that person is cashier, bartender, slot tech and half a*s security all at and complete joke. If you value your money or your life, STAY AWAY. The city of Sparks Nevada will never completly clean up Victorian Avenue with trash like this open for business.

  • Mar 6, 2018

Went into dotty's to change $100 for five $20 and was told by bartender to grab ticket to get the change with the ticket voucher. Turned my back for 10 seconds forgot the money in the machine and a subject took off with the ticket not cashed or spent yet. I Did a repot and my security said the ticket voucher is not valid isn't yet been cashed. I was wearing red hat black raiders sweater. Date 3/2/2018 time 11:25 p.m my name Francisco P 10/xx/19xx

  • Jan 20, 2018

I'm a faithful customer these staff members are pure racist wow playing games they will walk right past you several times and not offer you a drink but ask other individuals of color what is your drink of choice there are also thieves if you drop money on the floor if they pick it up without you seeing it they will say they cannot run the cameras back if you are a African American you get highly mistreated and if you win a bingo game they will clearly sabotage it for you to not win. Yesterday January 18th 2018 I go in Dotty's to check on my free Bingo paper to see if I had any new numbers I noticed I'm one short away from making a cactus win which pays out 100 bucks so while I'm 1number away I noticed that the new numbers are posted at 12 midnight so I said what the hell I might as well hang around for the new numbers well as the new numbers was posted what do you know my lucky streak I hit the number that I was waiting on to make the cactus pattern

as I walk up to the counter to approach one of the staff members which name is Johnny pure racist guy I showed him my winning pattern as he look at my paper in disbelief he walks over to the wall to verify if I clearly won one then he says I guess you did win as he asked me for my playing card I tell him I have to go outside to grab it out my vehicle as walking out the door I can hear one of his other staff member whispering something rude as I could have sworn she said we're going to make it where he don't win when I come back to the counter I hand them my card he makes a copy he faxes my paper over to the gaming board staff then his staff member says even though you won but they have to clarify that you won and it takes a couple of days now mind you I play Bingo several times in the past

usually when a person hit a bingo they get paid right then and there so I asked young lady when have the policy change for a person to have to wait on their winnings she couldn't even give me an honest answer so as I sit around for about a good hour waiting on the people's to call I hear the guy jhon picks the phone up says my name to whoever he was talking to on the phone give them my member card number and then says sounds good and hangs up now at this time I'm saying to myself okay I must about to get paid so I asked the guy was that the special call for me to collect my winnings he looked at me with a bitter face and said no that was just clarifying which was odd as well so I just said to myself I'm just going to leave it alone and return tomorrow evening when I return back to the same building I asked the young lady have they clarified for me to collect my winnings

she literally with a nervous face looked at me and said I was not a winner she couldn't even clearly clarify why I wasn't a winner for many years I've been dealing with this same racist and Prejudice building they're not very kind of African-American individuals Hispanics Asians we have to literally ask for our own drinks while game playing when Caucasians don't have to ask for anything they're clearly walk around and ask them what do they prefer to drink and walk past other individuals of color the staff here totally sucks they don't have no real employment training and they're scammers I wish somebody would get on top of this because if any color come into a business two-play with there hard-earned money no matter what color you is you shouldn't have to be mistreated certain ways or sabotage about a win that you clearly won racial profiling is a big problem in society today and these staff members sure know how to do it well

  • Aug 17, 2017

On CharlestonBRUCE by the 7/11 and Payday Loan Cruzita serves underage patrons she has sold to my neighbors teenage son on couple occasions he goes in or his girlfriend will go in when she is working and get the snacks and purchase the cigarettes from that employee what a disgrace

  • Nov 28, 2016

11/25/2016 Black Friday. I went into the Close Dottys(trop n russell. To Play a few hands of Blackjack. there was one machine not being played but had an Error on it. The new Employee reset it. I put in 100.00. I lost 40.00 in 2 hands. played the remaining 60.00 hand won. Now I had 120.00 I lost a few hands played one big hand now Im at 138.00 played one more 8 dollar hand Lost. I then cashed out the 130.00. I play like this practically everyday. dottys all over town. This time the machine didnt print my Ticket. I notified the new employee they ONLY have one person working. i was there the day before and tip them mostly women working there. Which im cordial with they know me by name. Im pretty to myself. the New employee came to the machine opened it up. He was obviously new. Had no clue what he was doing with the ticket printer machine. (the slot tech came 2 hours later) notified that the printer slips were put in backwards. the new employee was awful at his job. you could see the people he would make wait and wait and wait till he could figure out how to do 2 things at once. they sell cigarettes getting gamblers free drinks he couldnt handle his job at all. some people left and came back while i was still there waiting. Its a big gambling thanksgiving weekend. Not the time to have all the managers missing. ive lived in Vegas 26 Years. never have i had an employee not be able to call someone and get the problem fixed. he just like couldnt figure out who to call or what the procedure was. I was losing patience. to be shorted 130.00 a 30 dollar gain and go on 2 hours without one apology. i had to call the gaming board to get someone to fix this mess.

I eventually got the head agent to show up in Person because i was angry. THey wouldnt pay me until 2 gaming agents (police) showed up to respond to me being angry and not paying my money because the new employee broke the machine and erased the games hard drive. Now had no record of anything. The gaming board ended having to quarantine the machine and lock it down. to have people come out and investigate what the new employee did to it. The Head Manager came in 2 plus HOURS later with the gaming police there. to address the awful situation which they created. The manager was the rudest Person in the World. Not one apology for my time and how im stuck there for 2 hours. his solution before anything was to kick me out before even paying me my money they owed me...

So i had to fill out paper work with the police. I was then paid and told it would be a misdemeanor trespassing crime if i returned to any of the Dotty Locations. i got my money never an apology for wasting 3 hours of my time. I had gambled 400.00 2 days before took out my Last 300.00 and was able to win 9000.00 i left with 7000. so earliar that morning i had walked into dottys with 3200.00 (i had went black friday shopping obviously all i had left) i literally lost 2500.00 in 2 minutes. went to another machine lost 500.00 in 10 seconds... the remaining 400.00 i turned into 2000.00 the next 30 seconds. i went back to that fist machine lost 1300 in 20 seconds. i left that machine with 800.00 i played keno 20 dollars a game. won 1200.00 switched machined played 5 dollar keno won 2500.00 left with 3700.00 my point is my gambling play isnt the average 20-30 dollar gaming their business model usually gets. Its awful how they treated me because of their uneducated employee screwing up. Their Classless head "manager" acting like a big over heavyset man "breathing very heavy" bully. Dottys screwed up 5-6 peoples day letting this "kid" run the store that day they need to apoligize and make up for kicking someone out that has over 100,000 in jackpots there in 2 years. to kick someone out when they screw up is horrible Customer Service. They need to be scolded and owe me more then an apology. when someone steals your money and makes you wait for 2 hours doesn't have a manager call me to explain whats going other then no one will pickup. they shouldnt have an employree responsible for the 10000.00 an hour the store brings in. I dont even know how they make alcolhic drinks without any knowledge of alcohol.

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