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Dos Amigos Pull N Save

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address 2567 Decatur Ave
Phone 1 817-624-1616

Dos Amigos Pull N Save Reviews

  • Oct 6, 2020

October 6th I went to Dos Amigos Pull N Save Auto Parts to pull and to purchase a 9.25 rear differential for a Dodge 1500 I was working on. I had recieved a text message from Dos Amigos for 50% off coupon good thru Oct 8th that I was going to used. Real quick I want people to understand why I'm pist....I weight 160 pounds I am a girl and I am only 5'3

And it took everything I had to wheel, drag and push this rear differential a 1/4 of a mile to the front office to having to deal with the cashier telling me $202. Which I was trying to catch my breathe at the same time Im arguing about the price because on their website they have a price list that clearly reads $89.00 loaded rear axle and I feel like I am about to die. She not hearing it and she said to me well we are close you have to come tomorrow to pick it up by 8am because it might not be there/here later in the day. Look Im still trying to get the ringing out of my ears and it was so hot I could only see through the middle of my pupils everything is still hazy and I was hearing my heart in my ears.

The light went out as their pretty much pushing me towards the door and telling me see you tomorrow morning. So, I got their Great Customer Service it felt like they were saluting me with a middle finger. All that work and no rear differential to take with me.

Sored and felt beat down and not just by there Great Customer Service, but that was hard work I passed out in my chair at home to waking up in the same clothes and going back up there to more BS.

So now I'm there and the cashier girls are telling me that $202 is the price they sell to all their customers and with the 50% off the total os 125 and some change. They said the change but I quit listening so I don't know what the change was. The next thing I said was well today that is not going to workout that way. One of the girls said let me call the manager and find out where he is and see what he says. First if you manage a place of business shouldn't you be there to manage it. I mean that what the company pays you for. I say this because he is never there the girls always have to call him to come in. So what else is more important to be at than where you should be because they pay you to manage their company. This happens alot. So they finally get a hold of him and she said take a seat he's on his way.

He gets there and say whats the problem so I go on to explain and he not listening. He actually cuts me off and say we sell these driveshaft for $202 to all our customers. I said first this is not a driveshaft it's actually called a drifferential. He tell me I don't know what Im talking about. I told him over 25 years in the drivetrain business while your a$$ was in college listening to a professor for a degree. That was it for him....he told me his not going to sell me the differential now and that I was never to set foot on the property again. BANNED FOR LIFE!

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