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Doris Meza

Country United States
State Arizona
City Charlotte
Phone 813-973-4706

Doris Meza Reviews

  • Dec 19, 2018

Doris P Meza and her husband Omar A Hinds became our friends in 2007.Slowly slowly we feel like they are our best friends ,always told them our secrets and they told us theirs .One time they told us they have properties inGutemala worth millions given by their grandma but they have to pay the property tax and they can transfer those properties to their name and sell them ,but they don't have money for that ,they told us if we help them they will give us five times more,as we started believing in them we thought they have three little kids and very nice people they can never cheat anyone, that impression they have on us with their good behaviour,atlast we took desicion to give them 50,000 dollars for their tax (our kids education plan money) so they they can sell their properties and we will get our share back,we even signed papers and wrote everything .After that she told us she need money to fix her car we gave her almost 1000.00dollars ,then she told us she had a breastcancer and again we helped her for her treatment god knows she really had that disease or not,then we bought ticket for her mom who visit her from Gutemala,we help them so many times with money,then after 9-10 months she went to Gutemala and we bought ticket for her and give her money too ,she told us on phone she put all properties on her name and after few months when all the paperwork done she will sell them,she give us all the papers even their lawyer send us emails too now I am sure they made that fake account themselves to make us believe that they are not cheating us.Then their so called lawyer emailed us that she put two properties on our name and we have to pay around 60,000 property tax on these properties only then they can sell it they give us all the papers of the properties that they put on our name probably fake papers looks real, still have them but no use,we took loan on our house ,took loan from friends and parents and paid them ,even they want us to buy apple computer for them we did that too,I don't know it never came into our mind to check online about them as we blindly believe in them .One day we bring their computer with us as ours had some problem and when accidently we opened their mailbox and came to know they are going to las vegas for vacation and started doing carbusiness then we came to know they are using our hard earned money on these things and even they knew we gave our kids education plan money to them and never think they can cheat kids too so stonehearted people .Then when they realised we have doubts now, they ran away to another state in 2010 if I am not mistaken.We got emails from them till 2011 but after that they never answer our emails.I don't want to remember those days ,I was almost bankrupt depressed and can't tell anyone about our stupidness and felt our future is dark we can't survive But God helped me,my family helped me and I am out of debt.I want to hire private detective now and want to ask them only one question how long they can survive and live happily with my hard earned money they never feel shame they took our kids money too it will work as a poison in their lives DO THEY REALLY THINK THEY ARE HUMANS i DOUDT THAT.Now it came into my mind to report about them so atleast they can't cheat anyone again .Just to beware people.

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