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DoorDash, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 116 New Montgomery St, 4th Floor
Phone (844) 285-0248

DoorDash, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 24, 2024

Placed an order on doordash they brought the delivery; but they could not get their machine to accept my license and took the merchandise back with the driver I was told I was told I would get a full refund? which they never did they took the 12 pack of alcohol back with them and they never credited me back. Theft of service because I purchased something on and they took it with them they and they did not deliver it; because their machine would not accept my license and they took it back and they never gave me a credit back. Think twice before you use doordash because they will refuse to deliver your order and they will take your merchandise with them (and they will charge you for it.)

  • Feb 16, 2024

I loaded $100 gift card for door dash I received for gift. I placed order for red lobster store and then realized it was for wrong store. I cancelled immediately (under 2 minutes). I than contacted Doordash who said they could do nothing. So essentially they stole $100 from me and I get nothing. I am wondering how often this charade is pulled off by door dash.

  • Aug 28, 2023

Had me walk to restaurant and leave empty handed. Due 2 restaurant not having item did not even call resturant 2 confrim. Then refuse 2 simply give my funds back just carelessly so proudly disrespectful on robbing me.

  • Jul 5, 2023

DoorDash Delivery DoorDash, DoorDash Delivery DoorDach has not been paying its Drivers Minimum Wage. They have, in some instances, paid less than $10.00 an Hour. This is illegal & in accordance with Labor Code § 1197 LC makes it unlawful for California employers to pay their workers less than minimum wage. In 2023, the minimum wage is $15.50 an hour. San Francisco California

As a driver with DoorDash that has seen more than 2 LawSuits for Delivery Companies that did not pay thier drivers a Minimum Wage (according to the Law), today was the straw that broke the camels back.

I went out driving & the 1st hour (8pm-9pm), I got 1 order that was a $6.00 order. This means I only got paid $6.00 for the hour. The second order canceled because the item we were supposed to pick up was not available in the store (so they gave a comp $3.00 for the delivery that canceled right in the store due to refund request from customer when the order product was not available and/or in stock in the CVS I was delivering to).

Total hour Wage was $6.00. I had to contact customer service to request the $3.00 show up on my Earnings. Furthermore, a few more hours went by. I ended my dash early at 1.00am because there was no business anywhere & no orders on my app at all. This is 5 Hours that had gone by & there was no more than $30.00 in my wage earnings from a 5 hour shift. They also tried driving me from Riverside to Rancho Cucamonga with no order on the app at all the entire time (then I had to drive back). I feel so discriminated against. As if they are doing it on purpose (and withholding orders intentionally).

There is definately a wage loss already happening (and another dasher said they're getting orders fruitfully all day and night (even early morenings) with no problems at all.

I 'NEED' some'ONE' to look into the concern & see what they can do. I am in a different area than previously, however, I 'NNED' some'ONE' to make sure they are having orders to pay the dashers they have hired. IN previous accounts, I have dashed for 8-12 hours & made up to $250 in 1 day. For 5 Hours to go by with on ly $30.00 is a huge misappropriated waste. I'm doing the best I can & it appears that they require additional marketing and/or they 'NEED' to stop discriminating against certain people (if that's what is going on here.

I 'NEED' a formal wage violation report working, however, really 'NEED' this company to ensure they're paying they're drivers according to Law.

I have to pay for my Car, $20.00 in Gas (Minimum) & have a full monthly expense ($3,500.00+)responsibility. Drivers are supposed to get paid more than this & they can't expect me to just work for 'FREE'.

I have seen this company work appropriately & other delivery drivers are getting paid double & triple. Every'ONE' must get treated fair.

Somebody do something & Get 'US' some pay!!!!!!!!! I shouldn't have to Sue a company to get the Pay I'm deserving ...

Kindly /advise.

  • Mar 2, 2023

I ordered food from McDonald's and received the burgers, chicken nuggets, and drinks but the 3 orders of fries were missing. I have reported things like this in the past but ONLY when items are missing. Also it really only happened a few times but silly me thinking I had the right to protest not receiving items I paid for including the service charge and tip for the driver in addition to the money I paid for the food I never received. When I reported it to Doordash I get no help "due to the amount of recently processed compensation on your account(s)." This is actually being caused because the dashers can't even check the food to see if everything is there because of sealed packaging. So they and the customer are being setup for failure and when the customer rightly expects compensation for the items paid for but not received, they are made to feel like we are somehow lying about the experience. I get there are people who do that, but I have ONLY ever reported issues that actually occurred, so now valid customers are being penalized as the solution? So we pay for a service in order to bring us food, when we can't rely on that service to bring us all the food we ordered, and now can't even get a refund, how is this a "service." I will never use doordash ever ever again and I have a feeling they will either change their policy or get sued out of bussiness/lose all their customers, whichever comes first.

  • Jan 9, 2023

After paying $84 for 4 sub sandwiches from Firehouse Subs I decided to do some investigation and found out door dash is almost doubling the price of each item you order on top of their service fee after contacting door dash they claim it's the vendor jacking the prices up "NOT TRUE LIARS" did some comparison with other local restaurants found out doordash is marking the prices up 80% to 90% :(

  • Jan 4, 2023

I am a DoorDash driver & did not receive 4 weeks worth of bank deposits because my bank account information was changed without my knowledge. On 11/20/22 I was contacted by a DoorDash rep via phone through the Doordash app as I was making a delivery. Rep stated I was receiving a Thanksgiving bonus of $150 and I had to reset my password to log into my account. At that time, my bank account information was changed which I did not authorize or change myself.

I did not notice the change in bank information until 12/13/22 and contacted DoorDash support with the issue. I was told at that time that, 'We are facing issues with the server and the issues are getting resolved automatically after some time. No need of any action. Yes, you will get the money, I request you to please wait till end of the day." On 12/20/22 I was sent an email from DoorDash support saying, "The payments that were done to a different account are right now in process of withdraw, once we have again the money we will submit the payments. Your reference number for this request is 40099****."

On 1/4/23 I contacted DoorDash support and was told, "Thanks for contacting us about your payment transfer. This is **** with DoorDash Escalated Support. Our third-party payment vendor was unable to reverse the payment transfer. Reversal is often unsuccessful for a variety of reasons. Please provide the following Trace ID to Choice Financial: ********************** $680.55 ********************** $161.71 $683.23-did not have a trace ID $233.78-did not have a trace ID

I spent most of the day on 1/4/23 contacting Choice Financial with no one to help or give me answers to the missing deposits. I have never heard of Choice Financial and I do not have an account with them. I am currently out of $1759.27 from 11/14/22-12/11/22. These are the dates and amounts that I have not received: 11/14/22-11/20/22 $680.55 11/21/22-11/27/22 $161.71 11/28/22-12/4/22 $683.23 12/5/22-12/11/22 $233.78

I was hoping this issue would have been resolved by DoorDash by now, but it has not. I have had to file complaints with several agencies in hopes of a resolution. If the company makes it right or continues not to resolve their error, I will update any information related to this post.

  • Jan 1, 2023

I did not receive my order and DoorDash refused to refund me for it. They left it at the guard shack at my job and sent a photo showing that they left it there. All I know is that I did not receive the order. I don’t actually even know if they left it at the guard shack. All I know is that I DID NOT RECEIVE MY ORDER AND THEY REFUSED TO REFUND IT. Their reasoning was that “I received too many refunds before”. I had only received one for $14 in which I didn’t even ask for.

  • Nov 3, 2022

Door dash canceled my order without authority to do so. I ordered a pizza though caseys. Caseys cashier took my card number to pay for it, minutes later I get a text message saying my order will be delivered at 8:36 pm. Minutes later I get a text telling me my order was canceled and to reach out to the pizza provider who was Casey's pizza, they had no knowledge of anything.

Next day I went into Caseys to hoot and hollar about what was going on. Manager was real helpful in getting this cleared up. There computer said the pizza was picked up but I never received it. Manager gave me the refund even though they wanted me to go to door dash to get the refund. I told the manager I never gave my debit card number to door dash, I gave it to the pizza maker who took my order, therefor they were obligated to give me the refund.

Door Dash executives should be sitting in jail for fraud. The delivery driver should be sitting in jail for theft. OUTRAGIOUS!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

  • Sep 13, 2022

I placed a food pickup order on the DoorDash app from a store from which I had ordered before and which is still the default location on the app. Once the order was placed, I saw that it was placed at another location a distance from my home.

I immediately tried to cancel, called the phone nIumber for the restaurant, which was useless. By the time I found an obscure way to cancel, it was too late. I'm 80 yrs old and didn't drive across town in the dark because the DoorDash app messed up.

I feel that they ripped me off for $24.94, and I wrote a negative review stating I wouldn't use DoorDash again or buy from that restaurant. Because they make it nearly impossible to make contact, I went online to use their "chat" service. In the middle of typing my complaint I was cut off.

I had an annual subscription and when I tried to access my account to make sure there wasn't an automatic renewal I received a message that my account had been deactivated. I received a $3.99 refund for something (maybe on the remainder of my subscription, I don't know). The company obviously has a shabby business ethic.

  • Mar 3, 2022

Avoid this scam company! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! DoorDash is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. My first order EVER, I ordered a small pizza along with some appetizers with my order. The pizza never showed up (the aps did) and when I contacted DoorDash, the best they could do was issue me a credit. Shame on me for not opening the bag to check and see if everything was there, but it's not my responsibility to do that when I paid an insane delivery fee, and tipped the driver $20.

I placed my order on 1/26, I was extremely busy from that time and was not able to contact them until today, 3/4 to try and get the refund back on my card. I figured with my first experience being terrible, that I probably won't be using the app any more, so a $20 credit for the missing pizza would just be a waste and would't do me any good. I spoke to 2 different customer service reps who told me that they can't refund orders more than 3 days old. What kind of excuse is that?

After demanding to speak to a supervisor, I was placed on hold for over an hour. My frustration finally kicked in and I reported the transaction as fraudulent to my bank. They agreed that this was unacceptable and were kind enough to refund my money. When a bank is more understanding than the company you're trying to resolve an issue with, that should tell you something lol.

If you're having a similar expierience, just save yourself the frustration of dealing with their incompetent customer service and just dispute it with your bank. This will not only refund your money, but hurt their reputation. A win-win

Just look on here and see all the horrible experiences that people have had with this app. It's truly sad that large corporations are able to treat their customers like this and get away with it. Not only that but get richer doing it. Door Dash literally strongarms local businesses and significicantly cuts into their profits and now it looks like they're doing it to their customers as well. I will not even consider coming back and using this app- I can't support a company that has no regard for their users.

Please heed my warning and don't use them. Just go pick up your food- it will be a ton cheaper and the restaurant will see 100% of that money. I truly hope this comapny goes out of business. I'm done sitting around and letting major corporations continue to rake us over the coals. DoorDash caught me on the wrong day and I will make sure to spread the word about my experience and others. We need to take a stance as consumers and let these companies know that we aren't going to tolerate their scams any more.

I hope you see this DoorDash, your own incompetence and unhelpfulness PERMANENTLY lost you a customer. Maybe 1 guy doesn't matter much to you, but you should be ashamed that your business practices are 100% responsible for me never using this service again. I hope it was worth the $20 of mine that you literally stole. SCAMMERS!

  • Jan 5, 2022

January 30th I ordered wine threw from a local Grocery store, the driver called me and said she knocked and run my door bell and my husband never answered to except the delivery. She stated she will have to take the order back to the store. My husband said no one knocked or rang the bell and she did not return the order.

Doordash said because this has happened a few times before they refused to returned my funds. Now I have to be inconvienced and cancel my card and dispute the charge I am so annoyed and will never order anything from them again.

  • Sep 21, 2021

I would think twice before using Door Dash. Why do we put instructions on how to get to our houses, along with our addresses, if the Door Dash driver isn’t going to use those instructions? My house number wasn’t even correct on the door in the photo the door dasher sent me when he delivered my food...

Then I chatted with somebody for the company to get the tip refunded to me. And Door Dash keeps their fee even when you don’t get what you order. I got a credit for the cost of my food but I had to call to get them to refund the tip. I seriously object to Door Dash keeping the fees. I won’t be using Door Dash “services” anymore.

  • Aug 17, 2021

One of my credit cards was hacked in July 2021. I disputed all the charges that were fraudulent. I put an alert on my credit reports. I destroyed the hacked card and was issued a new one. Doordash then charged me again for the disputed charge. So, now I am out for the fraudulent charge, twice. I registered a complaint with the company. I talked to two different reps from the company. I emailed the requested info from my bank account, twice, as they requested.

The only response I have gotten was a satisfaction survey asking me if my situation was resolved. I had to go to my bank, again and resubmit my dispute. Doordash apparently thinks the charge was valid. I have never eaten at IHOP (the disputed restaurant). I have never had a doordash account.

thank you

  • Dec 7, 2020

Since Sept.28th I delivered Door Dash , 588 orders. One afternoon I picked up a Flame Broiler beef bowl and A Cafe Rio bag of food . I delivered the beef bowl then to an apartment in san clemente ca. I then took the Cafe Rio order towards its destination. My GPS was malfunctioning and after 20 minutes I found the right address and dropped it off. Five minutes later a rep from door dash called me and told me of a mistake. He said I mixed up the orders. I appologised and told him I would right the wrong and go buy new food for the customers. He objected and said no problem , he would take care of it. Three days later Door Dash sent me a message on my app. that I had stolen the two food orders and I stole a pizza on Oct. 7th. When I tryed to log on for work : Error No dashes needed. Try back later. That message is still being shown today December 8th.

Let it be known I did not steal the food orders. Door Dash is a fraud company that lies and pays the drivers very little. For Public Information Door Dash pays the drivers 65 percent of their weekly pay from the generousity of the customers---their tips. The other 35 percent is paid from the resturants.

Like all Silicone Valley companies Door Dash likes to CANCEL people and fire them for NO intentional reason. Shame are they who does not recognize an honest mistake. After further investigating Door Dash they are like other BIG tech companies that do not train or screen the drivers. In a USA today article apperantly the WOKE DRIVERS spit on the food of mature customers, One out of three Door Dash Drivers do the disgusting act.

Karma is a b*tch Door Dash.

  • Nov 25, 2020

I'm blown away at what just happened with my order. I'm in a wheelchair and can't get it outside. So, on their "special instructions" I put, "I'm in a wheelchair and can't get it outside. Please place order by door and ring the bell."

Well, he didn't ring the bell. I just happened to be close to the door after he dropped it off and heard him going down the stairs. I opened it up and my food wasn't close to my door. He was sitting in his car and I yelled, "I can't reach that" and he replied, "You can get it" while looking right at me in my wheelchair. Then he drove off. Seriously?

So, no door bell ring like I asked. Put the food far away from the door after I requested it be close AND then look right at me and say, "You can get it" when I CLEARLY couldn't? What makes it even worse is I tipped double because it's Thanksgiving. I talked to DoorDash and explained everything. They refunded the tip I gave but refused to give me a refund for food I couldn't reach because "I've had too many refunds in the past." What a joke. So, THEY keep screwing up so I can't get e refund for food I couldn't even get to because their driver was a complete jerk?

Complete rip-off. Never again.

  • Nov 9, 2020

Me & my family haven't heard of this DoorDash company until my mother started getting notifications on her cellphone that there are 3 new Unauthorized transactions, we haven't even left home for about 4 days. Who ever got access to my mother's banking information had spent over $84.

Most of it was used on that DoorDash food delivery. If the hacker or what ever people call them these days, may have been stupid enough for the DoorDash to leave a transaction trail leading to their house.

  • Sep 27, 2020

I have only worked for doordash for about 2 months. Since that short period of time. They never pay you on time. And my deposit has came up short since working with them. After this last time I asked them to deactivate my account because they are always rude.


  • Aug 21, 2020

I am a dasher. Started dashing in Mar. 2020. I usually internet search these new splash in the pan companys. As soon as I saw the Dasher app I pretty much knew this company is blatantly ripping off anyone they come in contact with and then thumb their noses at their victims. The way the app is set up whats there, whats not, is telling in itself. Then I started asking people about their experiences, merchants, customers but I do not know anyone who dashes for them. To say there are alot of issues does not cover the scope of all the different avenues of the many issues this company so in your face blatantly is getting away with not to mention the blantant disregard for peoples safety. The person who wrote about the missing dasher who went back to restaurant to get second part of delivery absolutely spot on with the assessments they came to about Doordash.

Sadly its much worse than they could image. No one should engage with this company, its creating a monster that will shape the future. The dashers make chump change, there is no dasher support, merchant support or customer support. They make the rules up as they go. Everything is a lie. They will give everyone and anyone the run around, waste time with irrelavant questions, ask them 5 times getting the same response back. Make their problem your problem, refuse to pay for their errors and that literally means they refuse to pay anyone for anything, example: a guy orders 3 large pizzas with some toppings from his favorite pizza shop the bill comes to 96.00 he also ordered french fries and 2 2 liter sodas.

He feels this is pricy and knows Doordash added a dollar amount to every item ordered plus delivery fee, plus the tip, plus other fees for their service, he waits for the delivery. When he gets it he has 3 medium size pizzas. Not even close to what he wanted, what he thought was ordered and Doordash will not refund his money, take the food back, correct the order in any way to this mans satisfaction. They knew he wanted large pizzasm they ordered him the medium or smaller pizzas with the intent to burn him. They have a million ways to rip off everyone that deal with them on any platform. Dashers are told 1.00 per delivery plus base pay plus tip. Mind this is after the tip skimming which they still do, they just go about how they present the numbers.

Okay 1.00 per delivery plus 3.00 base pay plus tip. Well if the dasher did not accept 80% of orders given, no 1.00 per delivery is given, if the tip is more than the usual amount given the base pay goes down. Doordash states depending on the distance, difficulty with order(if the dasher has to actually place the order)and wait time if restaurant is busy the base pay will go up. That statement is absolutely not true. Maybe in some instances but the majority absolutely bogus. Doordash/Sorerash as I call them have sent me to a closed restaurant, the one was closed for over a hour before I received the order, it was storming, roads were closed through out the area and of course no compensation for my time, gas or efforts. The other I have no idea if the order was actually placed by a real customer.

I dont know how a person could have placed this order ..fews months after the first closed restaurant another storm that knocked power out for many through out the area, this placed was closed had never opened that day. Again no compensation. A few months back I am in a text messaging chat with Dasher support the support agent was over the top rude, the error made that brought me to this support exchange was their error again wasting my time, gas and efforts. This person refuses to be reasonable tells me I will not receive any compensation. As I am typing a response he hangs up on me ending the chat. I could not believe the level of unprofessional, blatant disregard of accountability for their role in the event and disregard for me my time, gas and efforts wasted.

I contacted dasher support again and asked to speak or chat with a supervisor. Of course there is not one supervisor available or anyone in a position higher than a support agent. I persisted til I reached someone who said they were a supervisor. Amazingly I was compensated. I knew before any of this happened something was not right, they will tell you a computer sends orders out to dashers, not so, it is done by people in part with computers, I noticed early on the navigation system in the dasher app literally had me driving in circles, sending me on a wild goose chase and of course these things would will occur Friday evening peak pay or pay per delivery or anytime peak pay is a decent amount like 6.00 per delivery plus base pay which since peak pay is high base is low if there is a base pay plus the tip. I found out that dispatchers also act as support agents for everyone dasher, merchant and customer.

Try as many have its all but impossible to make decent money they have a million ways to scam. The support agent who I went over his head has serious issues, when he is working I can expect to basically get the run around making squat for my efforts, its day and night when someone decent is dispatching. So Doordash is not learning anything, they are not improving the app, the way they do business, they have been in business for seven years and they keep the apps we interact with to a bare bones minimal, they do not want anyone contacting a supervisor, manager, district manager no just the support agents who give you the run around or the ones who are just blatantly rude unprofessional and downright psycho. So Doordash did improve the dasher app as far as how it communicates with me, I am a top dasher, that means my customer relations ratings are very good, my acceptance rating is high, my completion rating is 99%, and on time/early rating is above 91% so they say.

So i am entitled to Dash whenever I want busy area or not and I get first pickings at scheduling dashes. Well none of that is true. I believe when Mr support agent who I went over his head and whoever else is working I get messages like "your internet connection is unstable" so I cannot sign in. I drove a half hour to a location I have been countless times, so I google Doordash Dasher support and in seconds I am chatting with a support agent obviously proving my connections are fine. Eventually proving my case, yes I have to convey to the foxly inept the obvious. I receive messages The time slot is not available I am trying to schedule, never happened before but now its a constant, and messages I must navigate to the area I am dashing in even though I am in that area, and countless more messages and or run arounds prohibitting me from dashing. Wasting time, gas and efforts.

Two things I believe set the support agent who I went over his head off, one being top dasher, I must keep my ratings above average to maintain the perks, two being a event that happened last week, run arounds, nonsense messages about my connection, and on a stormy Friday evening in rush hour traffic receiving a order when dispatch knows I am going to be past the exit I need to take, (this is a constant game if I am sitting near a restaurant I know will produce orders it isnt until I am directed to go wherever I am miles away, I will then get the order I knew would happen or did happen and have to go back) so passed the exit and now where I am getting back on track is not a easy quick turn around.

Because of the weather and heavy traffic I am not messing with phone, the restaurant I am going to is address a, I use the Doordash navigation system to direct me to the location, I notice the restaurant address has changed, its a chain, they should know where I am picking up this order, I proceed to this location. It took forever! Way to long to get there but I did I am there, its the wrong restaurant. This turned into a unbelievable completely foxly inept back and forth with support. I knew. When i was through with support and dealing with the poor lady who ordered the delivery. I went home.

For the next three days I helped a friend. I did not Dash I did not remove myself from the schedule. No contact. I received a email from a unknown support agent stating since they had not heard from me in three days they closed the case with wrong restaurant delivery which means I will not be compensated. That email is completely inappropriate. I am a independant contractor I do not report to anyone. The fact they did not sign their name to this email, pretty much states how full of it they are. So I wonder psycho support with emotional, mental issues that are so obvious its now exxtremely creepy. I have not covered covid 19, and so much more its beyond ridiculous. I hope someone legit reads this. I am sure Sorerash has many many lawsuits to deal with in the future. Its just a matter observations, screenshots, and whatever collections records they do and dont keep, the payroll, the misappropriation of funds the future audits, and unfortunately the ones who may be in harms way due to the practices and or dealings with this company of greed.

  • Jul 26, 2020

This is not the normal ripoff of a company that steals money, though I can clearly see by the many reports that as well can be added to the list. This article is about a company that puts their employees at risk, and does nothing to help them. Do to their blatant disregard for human life, they may be short a driver. A driver who did me a huge favor by going back for the other half of order that the resturant forgot, and may have paid for their screwup with their life.

Driver was very nice and friendly when he brought rest of my order. What I did not expect was a call back whith what sounded like a fight on the other end where phone cuts out. All this is recorded. My first thought is possibly the pd saw him leaving my property so quickly go to gate to find out what is going on. Texts are not returned and number goes directly to voicemail. On ground looks to be ppart of someone elses order. I call door dash emergency number first as they have all his info and would be more helpful speaking to the police than I would. Instead, their emergency line just tells me they will take a complaint and have a supervisor call me back in 24 hours. All this is recorded.

Driver doesn't have 24 hours. I hang up and call the PD who actually do something. Im awaiting to hear back from them on the drivers safety. Something Doordash is incapable of. This is a company no one should ever work for. Their behavior clearly shows their lack of respect for human life. $150 order hit the ground because I left to help in a hurry so never got to eat. Doordash, they made money off of someones suffering. I will follow up whether or not I hear back from the PD.

  • Jul 21, 2020

They stole from me and did it twice I need to warn everyone and try to get my money back they stole this is sad I’m done with DoorDash I want my money they stole that all I don’t know what to do at this point I’m trying to get some help and it’s like they’re laughing at me so this can happen to anybody I’m just trying to warn people I want my money back

  • Jun 27, 2020

Ordered French Dip from Arbys. The au jus, which is the dip half of French dip Sandwich did not come. Door Dash response is sorry, we don't deliver sauces and you get to pay for it anyway. If you use door dash, get used to the idea that sooner or later, when half your meal is missing, too bad, they won't get the rest.

  • Nov 11, 2019

I joined doordash became dasher. this company is complete scam. i got my dasher kit installed dasher app activated my red card. got my first order delivered the order on time. the app would not let me off the order so i could get another order so i called doordash was informed app was not working right and in order to get another order they would have to cancell order showing i didnt deliver it so the order was cancelled.

After one and a half hours of being on this order it was cancelled even though i picked it up and delivered it. so i get a second order and after looking for 20 minutes for the coffee shop that was 3 blocks away from the address they gave me i ordered the coffee tried to pay for it with my red card that door dash issued me to pay for food.

It kept declining after 4 tries i payed for the order out of my pocket and delivered it to customer. told her i had to pay out of my pocket for order showed her ticket where i paid. she told me she paid doordash and tiped.

again the app kept me on that order and i called again to doordash was told cards sometimes dont work and in order for me to get off this order it would have to be cancelled and doordash again cancelled the order even though i paid for it and delivered it so i wasted another hour and half on second order.

this is complete scam they recruit with lies about how fast a person can make deliverys and make up to 25 dollars an hour i used my car and made 2 complete orders and recieved absolutely nothing for 3 hours time and paid for one order out of my pocket. each order says tips included in base pay for order in other words tips are kept by doordash.

  • Sep 11, 2019

I ordered a food delivery service, paid and within minutes of my submission they texted me that they had to cancel my order but would refund my money. I waited and after several weeks I emailed them and they have provided every excuse and lie saying that they have/will/promise to refund me but todate nothing. $44 is not chump change!!!!


  • Sep 8, 2019

Had to order twice in one night because thery ruined both orders and tried to charge. They took my money, the driver THREW the 1 item from the entire meal and ran away yelling I dont care baout this job..

CHRIS from Door Dash gave us a huge headache, called us liars, and they were so rude.


Bann them people

  • Apr 28, 2019

The last 2 delivery’s from door dash have been terrible. This one has been the worst I have ever had. The app said it will be here in 1 minute then 35 minutes later she said my address was wrong when it wasn’t.

She said she was at the jail then finally found where I was and did not say sorry or anything. Lady is terrible, should be fired.

  • Mar 24, 2019

Door dash has report to IRS the i was working with them and know they want me to pay money to the irs. But i have never work for door dash and when i call them there no one that can tell me anything. God knows the i have never work for door dash also my banck account. i really need help in this matters iats devestated thanks so much 3392168954. ca any one help

  • Dec 1, 2018

I never recd 2 paid for orders totaling over $118. I received 2 ticket numbers without avail. I have been a religious customer and this is the thank you that I receive? DO NOT use this food. You will be left hungry, frustrated, and thieved of money!

  • Nov 22, 2018

Rip off job offer have you work for little pay then refuse to compensate you in any way. They will send endless email and call but never resolved issue after weeks if trying send I worked for them free ... Illegal way to do business door dash!!

  • May 31, 2018

Doordash, Inc. Is A Very Dishonest, Illegal and Fraudulent Company! Do Not Trust Or Use Doordash, Inc.! Back on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, I was checking my online Chase Checking Account like I usually do to see what transactions have gone through and so forth which is a routine check that I do for My Protection Only! During the check, I noticed an Illegal, Unauthorized, Fraudulent Charge that came out of my Chase Checking Account in the amount of $65.81 which was made out on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 for a merchant called DOORDASH*ARCHIBALDS STRIP.COM CA in which I have NEVER heard of, nor done business with in my entire Life and NOW, Never Will!

When I found this out, I immediately contacted my bank and Reported The Fraudulent Charge and learned that this company Processed This Illegal, Unwanted Charge through my ATM Card which has been in My Possession The Whole Time and I Have Never Given Out The Number, Nor The Password To Anybody! Please NOTE: Because of this Disgusting Company's Negligence, I had to Cancel My Current Debit Card And Get A New One Issued.

Thankfully, Chase Bank Disputed The Illegal Charge And Put The Money Back On To My Account Because That Is The Right Thing To Do!

Please NOTE: I currently have Fraud Alerts Listed With All Three (3) Credit Bureaus and am Very Much Surprised That Chase Bank, nor did Doordash, Inc. Bother To Contact ME To Ask Me If I Authorized This Illegal, Unwanted Charge Or Not?

Please NOTE: I did file many complaints with Doordash, Inc. and their Horrible and Disgusting Customer Service Department (which does Not use any Americans to HELP out their customers at all) ONLY repeats the same questions by asking ME for the last three (3) digits of the credit card number that was used when I Have Re-Explained To Them That It Was A Debit Card That Was Illegally Used And Gave Them The Last Four (4) Digits Of That (Already Cancelled Card). However, Doordash, Inc. On Their End Has Done Absolutely Nothing To Satisfy An Angry Non-Customer!

Since Doordash, Inc. Has Done Nothing To Help Out An Innocent Fraud Victim, I have Now Taken The Initiative Of Publishing Negative Reviews On All Of The Social Media Websites For The World To See On What They Do To People Online! Enclosed, in the attachments, please find Four (4) Pages which include my letter of Very Serious Complaint sent out to Doordash, Inc. back on Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, along with a picture showing the Illegal, Unauthorized Charge Coming Out Of My Bank Account, plus a response letter from their Customer Care Department, along with an automated letter coming from Tony Xu, CEO/Co-Founder of Doordash, Inc. for your review and further reference.

Final Thoughts: Do Not Do Business With Doordash, Inc! They Are Horrible, Disgusting And Totally Dishonest And Untrustworthy!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard Paul Shore Angry, Upset And Pissed Off Non-Customer Of Doordash, Inc. Executive, Volunteer Writer And Promoter For As A Google Guide, Level 8 With Over 8,000,000 Views Per Month On My Work, Including Other Very Important Social Media Websites /HPS Enclosures: Please See The Attachments

----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Paolo Luciano To: Tony Xu Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2018, 10:42:50 AM PDT Subject: Re: On vacation Re: DOORDASH, INC. VERY SERIOUS COMPLAINT! I AM FILING A POLICE REPORT FOR FRAUD AND A LAWSUIT AGAINST YOUR COMPANY! HOWARD PAUL SHORE On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 11:44:46 PM PDT, Tony Xu wrote: Hi there,

I'm out of office and will return 6/5. If there’s anything urgent,

please text me.

  • Apr 10, 2018

I am sick and tired of the lies from Door Dash. First time I ordered, it said that the delivery fee would be $6.99 and ETA would be 30 minutes. AFTER I PLACE THE ORDER AND PAY, you cannot cancel it unless you email support and they call you back in time. So now I was charged $9.99 and told it would be 50 minites. That is a BIG difference. Then one of my food items was missing. Support calls me back the nbext day and offers me a $5.00 credit. I told them they are a fraud and have about 5 minutes to return the entire amount. Which they did. Fast forward to today. I had a gift card that I just wanted to get rid of. I placed an order with Door Dash Robbery Service. I bought a $6.99 chicken bowl and after I pay their crazy a** delivery fee and tip the driver, it is $20.00. DO NOT EVER tip the driver in advance like the site asks you to. A tip is supposed to be for exceptional service received. It is not an entitlement.

  • Feb 26, 2018

I'm going to keep this short. I ordered food at 11pm. The restaurant I ordered it closed at 12:30. I was expected to have the food by 12:22. 12:22 came and went, and I received a text saying that the food will arrive by 12:42, since it was raining.

At around 12:45, I get online with their customer support chart. I was number 45 in line, so clearly I'm not the only one having issues.

When I finally spoke with the woman, she was all kinds of apologetic, but had no answer. She had no answer as to why I wasn't updated that the driver had cancelled my order. I had no indication that the food had not been reassigned, and in essence, would not be showing up at all.

The woman refunded my money, but had no real explanation. It was a pathetically bad experience. The saying is that if you do a good job for ten people, one person will tell their friends about it. If you do a bad job for one person, they will tell ten people about it.

A thousand people deserve to know about this business.

This business needs to shut their doors and move on. Beyond pathetic.

  • Jul 24, 2017

DoorDash has been stealing from its drivers and lying to them. It has developed schemes to punish and deactivate drivers who do not deliver the orders DoorDash wants these drivers to deliver. This is despite their policies that a driver has the right to refuse whichever and however many orders he/she wants.

DoorDash has not informed its drivers that it deactivates them if they declined to deliver three consecutive orders. This is being currently practiced in Los Angeles. If a driver refuses to deliver three consecutive small orders that do not pay well, or where the distance is too far, or for whatever other reason within his/her right and as per DoorDash policies, DoorDash will STOP SENDING YOU DELIVERY ORDERS AND NOT TELL YOU.

DoorDash furthermore has been playing dirty in terms of distibruting orders. It asks you to deliver a larger order that pays more only if you deliver smaller orders. This is despite the fact that DoorDash claims that delivery order offers are made without discrimination and based solely on a driver's proximity to the restaurant.

If you decline smaller orders, it will continue to send you smaller and smaller orders until it starts to deactivate you after a period of time during which you refuse to deliver these small orders. Some of these smaller orders are absurd. The value of the order could be 7 dollars and the delivery distance over 10 miles. This has happened to me on numerous occassions.

After i complained a number of times and told them i will expose them, it seemed they reversed this, but recently went back to it. Two weeks ago, i told them if they don't stop these practices i will go public, so suddenly i started receiving orders over USD 100 value, and nothing happened when i refused three or more orders. As of yesterday they went back to the deactivating me when i refused to deliver orders that paid badly and wrote that explanation when i declined the order offers.

DoorDash's new pay model is a rip off. The new pay model is supposed to be more "fair and transparent" according to DoorDash. But it is the exact opposite. Whereas they used to pay USD 5 for a delivery, now a driver is supposed to be paid based on the distance and waiting time of the order. This is a lie. Yesterday i got paid USD 3.20 for an order than should've paid much more. And the only reason why i found out i got paid that ridiculous low amount is because it happened that the delivery period within which i made that delivery was short and i did not do other deliveries so i was able to see the breakdown of this one delivery pay.

There are reasons to believe that DoorDash might even be stealing customer tips to drivers under this new pay method system. The same customers to whom i delivered previously and who consistently paid USD 10+ are i'm sure suddenly not paying less tips under the new pay method. So when i get a delivery offer to them that says that i will get paid at least 8-something for a delivery inluding the tip, that seems to me to be a lie and a rip-off. But i cannot ask the customer how much tip they left.

DoorDash are also able to manipulate your app to force you to make smaller deliveries. So for example, there was this mysterious "bug" recently, one of many as it happens, that assigns to you deliveries that you do not accept. And then someone from DoorDash calls you and tells you that you need to get that delivery done although it doesn't show in your tasks. Although you can still refuse to do it, but the "bug" will then take a long time to be fixed and during that time you receive no deliveries and negative customer reviews.

Another mysterious "bug" was also recently blamed for lowering your review ratings. Even though you don't accept an order, you see that your Completion Rate (the number of order you complete delivering after you accept them) is going down. After much complaints, DoorDash provided no explanation other than claiming that it is a "bug" that is being fixed. Three weeks later the "bug" has not yet been completely fixed. And your ratings seem to go up and down for no apparent reason.

  • Nov 3, 2016

I have been a loyal customer for approximately a year, I have spent several thousands of dollars in food and delivery fees. There was a problem with the app and I was charge over $260 for food and fees which were never delivered. I contacted Door Dash several times on their website and by email but received absolutely no reply back to my concerns about the charges taking out of my bank account. After no resolution attempt on Door Dash's behalf, I finally had to contact my bank and report the charges as fraudulent. I am extremely disappointed in Door Dash's lack of care or concern for their mistake and I will never order from them again. I will share my experience with friends and family and urge them to never order from them as well. Door Dash has lost a good customer over pure laziness, zero follow up and lack of customer care.

  • May 27, 2016

Reviewing my account, i saw credits then further i saw the charges. doordash charged my credit card $446 but a few days later, credited them all back to my card. i am very very concerned about these charges and my card has been disabled and marked fraud. thanks to doordash for the credits, even without having contacted them.

  • Apr 4, 2016

Ordered food at 10 am, waited till 1pm and tried going to their "Help" section of the app and clicked the "Food never delivered" button. Waited another half hour with no response and started rage clicking the botton over and over again hoping I would get someone's attention and a response.

Eventually they blocked me and food was never delivered. I contested the charge with my bank. Hoping to get the money back.

Use them with caution.

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