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Dominick Ferrante

Country United States
State Florida
City Fortt Lauderdale
Phone (239) 898-3856

Dominick Ferrante Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2016

From 3/2015 to 3/2016, we rented a 2 bedroom apartment in downtown ft Lauderdale from Mr. Ferrante. He took a total of $6750 upfront (1st, last and deposit) the lease was in mine and my significant other's name. Three months in, we broke up and the nightmare began. Due to the circumstances, I asked about putting the lease in only my name. Over my heartbreak and tears, he politely told me that it would not be an option, even though my credit was nearly an 800 and my income alone more than covered the rent. We left it alone and I paid the rent on time, on my own, for the remaining 8 months. Some months in, my ex tells me that he spoke to Mr. Ferrante and he stated he never said that to me and that he would be more than happy to put the lease in my name. Confused, I reached out. He tells me I'll need an attorney to draft a new lease. I was barely making ends meet and could not afford an attorney for that. I asked if I could just redraft the existing lease on my own. Of course, he said no.

Fast forward to the end of the lease. I notified Mr. Ferrante December 22 that I would not be renewing the lease and would be moving out by 3/1/16. He inspected the apartment on 2/2/16, and sent an email to my ex about the repairs that were needed. I was made aware of some, but not all, since Mr. Ferrante did not copy me in the communication. I made all repairs of which I was aware, his associate inspected, keys were turned in. All seemed well. I moved out and waited. End of March I still had not heard anything about my deposit. I reach out and ask and I'm told that there were issues with the repairs. We discussed everything at length and not once was I told a portion of my deposit would be kept. At this point, mr. Ferrante has started with condescending texts, not responding, or responding to my ask when I made inquiries. I tell my ex to please talk to him and sort things out. He does and shares the communications with him.

Today is officially 60 days since I moved out so I reached out to mr. Ferrante once again. He refuses to answer my question about when the check was sent, tells me he will no longer speak to me and to have my ex contact him. My ex came to see our daughter and we called me. Ferrante together. Ultimately, Mr. Ferrante breached our lease contract by not notifying us in writing within 30 days of the move out that we would not be receiving the full amount. Per our phone conversation, Mr. Ferrante feels that sending a check 2 months late, for less than the full amount, along with an explanation, is all that we deserve. He threatened legal action against us, when he is the one in breach. I now have to get an attorney to fight for a check that may or may not be on its way for God only knows how much. He couldn't be bothered to look it up tell me. When he speaks to my ex, it's "bro" and "buddy" and "of course, whatever you need". Ours are more along the lines of "no I won't fix the AC in the summer, turn it off for a while" and "it broke because 74 is too low for the AC unit". It's summer in Florida with a one year old. Men, you'll be fine. Women, run. If I could put a billboard up, I would. He is a selfish, rude, condescending woman hater.

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