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Dog Play Day Care

Country United States
State Illinois
City Mount Prospect
Address 301 W Central Rd
Phone 847.253.7447

Dog Play Day Care Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2021

Number of concerns, some of which acknowledged (dog not let outside to relieve herself for an unacceptable timeframe - agreed by facility and rectified for subsequent days after complaint - toy to be kept in crate for comfort destroyed by another dog with no recourse, other dogs in her crate and on her bed - agreed and rectified after complaint), others we disagree. Handlers spent meaningful periods sitting and/or giving more attention to their phones than the dogs - one sprayed dogs in the face with water simply for approaching and not related to normal training.

Called facility several times (connected 3, with at least 2 other attempts) during a 4-day stay with issues visible on camera. Dog lost nearly 15% of body weight over 4.5 days and returned with a number of new fresh sores on muzzle; large and deep blood stains on bed; abnormal behavior for several days after returning due to trauma. All deemed normal by provider, but something not experienced with other facilities. Assistant Manager communicated a refund was warranted; owner refused refund as Assistant Manager is not authorized. This is something we could not know as a consumer. Owner response has been in an attacking manner, distasteful, and something we have not experienced with a business owner in the past.

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