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Diverse Funding Associates, LLC.

Country United States
State New York
City Getzville
Address 2351 N. Forest Rd. Ste 110
Phone 716-901-0748

Diverse Funding Associates, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2020

Luis Daniel Mendez and Lawrence Schiavi Colorado 20141701151 non-complaint Washington State active 603469823 New York State 14662245 Multisource International LLC Alabama Validation of debt transfer from who? deceptive practices, this info was listed on my credit report 5/1/2019 for 1064.00 Grid Code G its not telling me fro where? if its Credit One I received a letter saying they closed my account and ceased collections from Midland Credit Management on 1/16/2020 now who is this? If its Verve my account was closed and charged off, also for 2 to 3 years I made payments and paid interest of $17-$20 a month that equaled $204 each year plus fees and interest that would equal over $612 for three years

Validation of debt transfer from who is not confirmed. After receiving a letter from Midland Credit Management I had two Credit One Bank Credit cards since March 2017, with interest of $18.00 a month for at least 2 to 3 years on both cards along with credit increase fees, amaintenance fees which would equal over $612 in 3 years of fees and interest on two cards which would equal over $1200.00 If this debt is from Verve credit card got charged off, which was up to $750 credit limit but Verve added on additional fees and interest to jack it up to $1000.

Who ever these people are their not identfiying what debt their talking about. I'm not going to keep paying these guys. Its not worth trying to sue someone over under $500 only to have to pay that person the money instead. 3/7/2020 $1264.00 Grid Code G LVNV Funding LLC FU P O Box 1269 Greenville SC 29602-1269 18664641183 or P O Box 10584 lvnv negative derogatory is collection yes open date 3/3/2020 payment status bizapedia .com/us/dnf-associates-LLC.html next, Foreign Limited Liability Company 352 Sonwil Dr. Cheektowaga NY 14225 last, Sterling Associates PO BOx 24636 Lexington KY 40524-4636 is it really worth stalking me for $500 ?

Anybody reading this do not touch Credit One Bank Cards!!!!! Verve I have always paid you off in the past and Credit One Bank or sometimes Credit One Bank would just shut down usually. 5/1/2019 for $1064.00 Grid Code G MS INT DIverse DNF a*s, Diverse Funding Associates LLC diversefundingll .com Luis Danirel Mendez, Lawrence Schiavi, Colorado noncompliant, 20141701151, Washington State active 603469823, New York State 14662245 and Multisource International LLc Alabama.

It seems that these companies are trying add fees, jack up the debt so that they can get peoples social security payments, and retirement plan money. Especially, Sterling Associates PO BOox 24636 Lexington KY 40524-4636 these companies should be investigated by the Attorney General and Governor.

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