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Diamond Resorts International

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 10600 W. Charleston Blvd.
Phone 1-877-374-2582

Diamond Resorts International Reviews

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  • Jul 9, 2016

Thanks for holding me, my wife and my 1 year old son hostage.Came in for an "Owners Update" was told it would only take 45 min.

Came in at 8am wasn't "ALLOWED" to leave until 2:30. Was only on vacation for 2 days, Yesterday and Today. Cant enjoy my vacation today since I have just spent 7 hours of my vacation being told that I had to wait. I have to checkout tomorrow.

This is the third time this has happened to me, should have known better. Grand Beach, Polo Towers and now Greensprings Resort in Williamsburg VA. Shady sales tactics. Lack of empathy and unwillingness to take "NO" for an answer.

Totally regret buying this timeshare, you've officially made me an enemy of Diamond Resorts. I will not be recommending your product, in fact I will make it my lives mission to make sure people do not sign up for your terrible package. Heres the rub, I was told after all this waiting I would get a gift card, guess way NO CARD! No Gifts, Nothing.

If you want to actually take a vacation and enjoy it without being forced to sit in an office for 7 hours then AVOID DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL. I had 2 specifically bad Sales reps here Andrew Fernando, wouldn't let us leave even when my Son needed food. Went and got food so that we could STAY. My son needed a Nap, he said, go give him a nap and then COME BACK!

Right, because thats what I want to do on vacation, spend time with Andrew Fernando all day. Then Jeff Regier got involved. He actually corrected Andrew 4 times in front of me for not clearly explaining what was going on. Once I figured out that they wanted me to spend 30K More, I was out.

My wife flipped out, took our son and stormed off. No restitution. Nothing, no sympathy from anyone. I plan on seeking legal council with a large number of other angry Diamond owners to seek compensation in the form of monetary restitution.

DO NOT GO TO GREENSPRING RESORT, and beware of Diamond International.

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  • May 17, 2016

Diamond Resort Sampler Package SCAM

Everything about the package we purchased was misrepresented by Michael Conner. We were shown a book with different values for the point purchased.

The salesman also lied about the available destinations, he pointed to the clause that stated the ONLY destinations and stated we need to go to one of those destinations first then we could go anywhere that Diamond Resorts owned / operated.

The sales man also stated that the presentation we already went to satisfied the requirement of going to a sales pitch, this is not true. It requires a different sales pitch on every stay.

We contacted Diamond via phone and fax to cancel the contract as soon as we realized these bold faced lies. Diamond responded by saying that they will attempt to enforce the contract and damage my credit if payment is not made.

I feel this only happened because it was late at night after a several hour long presentation. We had informed the sales rep several times we had to go pick up our young child and we were in a rush opening the door for his deception.

Furthermore, cancellation was requested before the product was activated and zero benefit has been provided to date.

DONT BUY, save money and book hotels as you need them.

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  • Jun 16, 2022

It was my year to plan the surprise trip for our Anniversary. My wife has no idea where we are going. Next year my wife will plan the Anniversary trip and I won’t know where I am going.

We were sold this dream of taking a paradise vacation to 1000’s of destinations. While planning our trip I said we will get on a plane and go somewhere. I was offered ONE destination in Scottsdale, AZ which was 30 minutes from where I live. This is already a failure. I don’t want to go to Scottsdale! Living in Arizona since 1979, we don’t stay at the fancy resorts so I decided to try and make this work. While they are securing the dates at the Links Resort, I’m booking our golfing because they were no help through the vacation package. While booking the dates they said I had to attend a 9:30 AM meeting that I did not know about. We are going to be on the golf course at 9:30 AM because it is hot in Arizona in June .

They were not flexible on the meeting times and days, but I was, I told them I was available when I checked in, available after golf at 10:30, and available when I checked out. They refused to book our stay at the Links Resort. They only offered the one time 9:30 AM.

The concierge heard about the total failure to book at the Links and she booked a stay for us through her process not using our vacation package. She was able to book a 12:30 PM meeting for us.

The concierge now knowing the failure of using our vacation package says she knows just the person to help plan our Anniversary. Talking to the new agent I asked to go somewhere special, and he only offered one place, Las Vegas. I don’t want to go to Las Vegas, I have a timeshare there. He still only offered one option it was the Cancun Resort in Las Vegas. Even the dates that I wanted to go were not available. I gave him new dates, request was DENIED! NO other offers or help to book at other resorts.

We could not use our vacation package at all and we go to the 12:30 meeting at the Links Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. The agent starts doing her sales pitch. We have documented 9 pages of problems of not being able to use our vacation package. Once she heard all of our problems all she wanted to do was get us out of there. We asked for our money back and would not be making any more payments. She said you will not get your money back and you will end up in court for the remaining balance owed. You only have 7 days to cancel the contract. We asked for a supervisor, she told us the same thing and you will have to keep paying or you will end up in court. The agent and the supervisor said the reason why we were only offered these locations was because that is only place they had sales people on staff. We were removed from the facility with no resolution to the complete failure.

Being denied for the Cancun in Las Vegas, I called and booked a room for the dates in three minutes not using the vacation package. I wanted to prove that there were rooms available.

While we were there we talked with several staff members that told us they were not going to fix anything. We exhausted ourselves to resolve this nightmare. We were put with an agent and were told that she was from “Quality Assurance”, she was NOT. She had only been with Hilton for two months. We were put with her just to stonewall us, she said that she was sorry she could not do anything for us. We did not give up, we contacted the VIP of Hilton Vacations, they could do nothing and gave us the corporate number to contact.

After waiting on hold for 45 minutes, they told us they would contact us in 3-5 days. More BS and run around.

While we were at the resorts we talked to several other guests and found numerous problems and angry people trying to use their “Vacation Package” and they said it was a nightmare trying to get get their problems solved.

Do not get involved with Hilton Grand Vacations it is legalized crime and once you sign the contract they do not care about you or your vacation, all they care about is money and they stand by their lies.

  • May 13, 2022

I am writing this review because I feel that the truth needs to be known about owning a timeshare with Diamond. It is a battle in trying to get your membership canceled with them. They will use any type of tactic to get you to come listen to whatever “new updates” they have just to try to sell you on more.

The fact that you have representatives feeding you this so called dream investment and writing everything down on a scrap piece of paper to show you how easy everything is going to work. They keep you hostage and pressure you for hours.

They will ask you things like how you want to vacation or why you are wanting to vacation so that they will use it to their advantage. We thought it would be a good idea to have to come together as friends and vacation. They stated that they had many ways to take advantage of all of our points including a program Destination Exchange.

It is extremely hard to use and it does not work with just points but you have to be in a certain tier as well. You will have to pay extra fees to even utilize it. That is absurd considering the amount of money that you pay for the timeshare to begin with. They will make it sound like such a wonderful investment and that you will be saving so much money by investing in them.

Honestly all you are doing is throwing your money in the trash. We honestly have tried to understand and make of the best of this timeshare but the lies and distrust have grown to such an extent that we realize that is all there is. They continue to press on the matter that we were in the wrong and that there was no fault done during the sell of our timeshare.

Yet they were not present for what was said to us before we signed our paperwork. They stand behind the liars that day in day out that steal peoples’ money by selling the fake dream vacations. I would not want to wish this nightmare on our children, which is why we will continue to fight against all the dishonesty that Diamond allows its representatives to get away with.

They can not be trusted at all. If it sounds too good to be true, then its best just to walk away. I hope that in writing this I can help someone else from falling into the hands of these deceitful and crooked people.

  • Oct 14, 2020

I have owned at Powhatan Plantation for 16 years with a Red Week 25 4 bedroom lockoff. I have always deposited into RCI. RCI takes each lockoff independently. There is no other option. We have loved every minute and stay with our resort and through RCI. Perfectly happy customer for 16 years. This year we accepted the option to deposit in to the Diamond Resort exchange. I understood that I could get 1 week or 2 weeks for my lockoff. As per the norm I took 2 weeks, Who wouldn't. What I didn't understand was that I was getting to tier 2s for my 4 bedroom. If I didn't split them I could have only had 1 week stay in a tier 4. I also didn't understand that tier 2 levels can't be combined back together to make a tier 4.

I didn't know I was locking myself into a 2 weeks of tier 2, with no other option. With RCI I get 23 points per lock off. Most reservations for a 2 bedroom are 12 points. I literally get 4 weeks of 2 bedroom vacations through RCI for my timeshare. With a tier 2, my family of 5 (parents, 10/9/7 year olds) can reserve 1 studio. We wanted to use our time this 16-23 Oct, but would have to reserve 2 tier 2 studios, which are not connected or near each other. I asked for a 1 bedroom lockoff, but that could not be done without paying for a 2 tier upgrade. So my family has to stay separate in smaller accommodations than we ever have before.

I have called and was told the split exchange CAN NOT be combined back together. I was told a Supervisor investigated by pulling my call. Because I agreed to split them (who wouldn't want 2 weeks instead of 1 if you didn't understand), and because with RCI I have always split the time (not splitting isn't an option with RCI), I am stuck with 2 tiers 2s and there is nothing anyone can or will do about it. I can't believe that RCI is even part of the decision as it is a different system, process, and program. What I did at one has nothing to do with the other.

If my family and I want to vacation together, we must stay separate in 2 different studios, or I have to pay $500 on top of the other fees and my $1452 maintenance fee to get a 2 bedroom and I would still have a tier 2 that I have to use. I spoke with 4 different agents, 1 supervisor pulled my call and decided without ever calling me to discuss it, I spoke with Mason Kishimoto at the company who was stone cold and didn't care about me as a long-time customer or me as a first time user of the exchange program. There is no room for mistakes and no way to rectify misunderstandings. Mason and the Supervisor refused to consider merging them. They refused to consider having me pay more to merge them back so that we can stay together. They refused to help me and my use our 16 year timeshare effectively. They were not interested in me as a customer or me and my 16 year loyalty. And they did not care if they lost me back to RCI for my exchanges instead of using my Owner Program Diamond Resort exchange. When Stephen Cloobeck was on Undercover Boss, he stated how important customers were to him. He sold the company and new ownership does not care about me, my family or you. Its policy and the mighty dollar. No more and no less.

I will never use the exchange again and do not recommend anyone else do it either. The dollar is far more important to Diamond Resorts than the customer is. I will give away my Diamond Resort timeshare to anyone that wants it. I will never recommend Diamond Resort exchange and 100R% will never use it again as long as I have timeshare, which I hope and pray is short. I won't lie, after my 30 years of service in the Army, sometimes I can't believe it is this I fought for and gave so much up for. They don't care about anything or anyone.

Disgruntled owner and dissatisfied customer after 16 years

  • Dec 7, 2019

Telemarketing fraud for timeshares Dan rosas timesharesalesman offered money or vacations to attend timeshares sales presentation.

Tricked into providing ids credit card charging 20 dollars to attend and setting up appt.

This company is soliciting time shares by offering perks.

This telemarketing should be outlawed avoid this company as there scam artists.

  • Jul 12, 2019

In November of last year salesmen for Diamond sold us a program they said covered all maintance fee's by using the upgrade points as covering the fee's. They said they understood how seniors who were or are about to retire were concerned they could not afford the fee's on a budget and that this was a program designed to take care of this. You pay the bill for the new points upgrade and the money you will pay for this is used as payment leaving you free of yearly maintance fee's having the points from Gold still to use for trips. We saw this as paying the 10,000 dollars plus 4 grand for deposit we used credit cards for to pay upfront till we pass away or? They were telling many others in the room the same lies. In February we recieved a new Bill for 3 grand higher than before to pay maintance fee's. I called and questioned their mistake and was told Diamond had no such program and that I and my wife simply upgraded. I had told this jack--- up front in Las Vegas we wanted notr needed any upgrades as we never use most the points now and had refinanced to pay the previous Gold membership. They simply refereed to our recorded acceptance portion of the night and suggested we were never offered a program and that they never offered any such plan. I even explained to their complaint department that any reasonable person would and could see we lost a hell of a lot of points every year unused and what reason would be choose to add more? They said it was our problem. Funny thing was in Hawaii last month the sales people said they were recording our entire update/sales meeting where when asked if they had done so in Las Vegas they said they don't do that. The company commited fraud straight up!

  • Oct 15, 2018

The Diamond Resorts International sales people are liars and will mislead you into buying or upgrading your time share. We have been to two "member update meetings".

They have always turned into 3-4 hour sales presentations. By the time you are done, your convinced that what they've told you is all true and you really should buy.

They will take a credit app, have you sign it and then put incomes in there that aren't even CLOSE to what you make, just so you'll qualify for the time share.

We were told that the previous sales person "should have told you would save a lot of money if you had bought at the next level, but they can upgrade you, for the same price per point that you bought at is you buy today.

We have been suckered all the way up to Platinum level and can't even afford to go on vacation. because of all the money we are supposedly saving by having a time share. Their motto needs to be "stay broke" not stay vacationed.

They paint a great picture but lie, lie, lie about how easy it is to book when and where you want to go!!

  • Jul 15, 2018

I am a 75 year old disabled combat vet that served in VIETNAM AND WAS WOUNDED. I have many ailments such as type 2 diabets, neuropathy on both feet, cataracts, high blood pressure and 2 bad knees and ankles. On JUNE 14 ,2018 , i attended a time share presentation that lasted from 8.10 am to Katherine was the sales person and turned me over to Jordan to give answers she didnt know. Later they turned me over to Nicle to docu sign the contract. They werent truthful abut my wife being liable for the time share payments if I passed away. Since I live in a community property state she would be liable even if she wasnt on the deed. This is a deal breaker. They didnt inform me that I would be paying 18 percent interest for 10 years and the toal cost would be 37,000 for an 18,000 purchase which would be a deal breaker. I had a fully paid timeshare which they said was no good and had me sign it over to them. Lastly they never informed me that I had 7 days to cancel contract . After 9 an half hours I would have signed anythimg. They never had my best interest at heart. They also took 3740 from us as down payment. They refuse to rescind the contract.

  • May 15, 2018

The Diamond resorts international aka Ocean Beach Club in virgina beach, va is a complete rip off. The timeshare presentation and the sales pitch was false and misleading. They promised a unit and then when I went to stay there they claimed I was entitled to a unit that faced the street. This was supposed to be an upgrade from an ocean front view unit.

I attended the presentation and expected to be treated fairly but there were great discrepancies between the representatives verbal presentation and the timeshare I actually received. Do not be fooled this is a true rip off. They do not live up to their word. Do not beleive Diamond Resorts International/Ocean Beach Club you will be very very disappointed!

  • Apr 13, 2018

While on vacation, we stayed at Greensprings resort by Williamsburg, VA. My wife and i attended Diamond Resort International sales presentation. We had the large group meeting, followed by the meeting with the salesman in their office. After reviewing where Diamond Resorts are located, we were not interested. We live in Minnesota and the nearest Diamond resort is 10 hours from our home. We take very few vacations away from MN since our daughters and our grandchildren all live here. Our salesperson was Tony Falcone. When we told him that was our conclusion, he said that DRI had bought up all the Great Wolf Lodges. We knew of a Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington, MN. We asked Mr. Falcone if this facility was now a Diamond Resort. He looked at his computer and said 'yes it was'. We stated that it was not on the world map that shows all of the DRI resorts. He said that map was old and a new one showing all the new DRI aquisitions would soon be coming out and the new one would have the Bloomington Great Wolf Lodge on it. In fact, he took the DRI map and marked an x in Minnesota. He saw that we now had some interest.

The yearly maintainence fee was then discussed. Tony said we could stop by the Great Wolf Lodge in Bloomington. In the facility there would be a computer set-up on which we could complete DRI customer satisifaction surveys. Each survey would reduce our yearly maintainence fee by $150. We could take these surveys four times a year.

Next, Mr. Falcone said that 1100 points could get us two weeks at a Diamond resort once we 'learned how to play the game'. We were contemplating a purchase of the 2500 point package. We had never heard of the Diamond company and never stayed at a Diamond resort. We were at Greensprings through an RCI point exchange program. So our biggest mistake was actually believing what Mr. Falcone was telling us through this whole discussion.

To us this seemed great. A resort that is close to our home, the ability to reduce our maintaince fees, and use the points we purchased for a few days stay each year for our family vacation get togehter.

Problem is - None of what our DRI salesperson told us was true. The Great Wolf Lodge in MN was not purchased by Diamond. The survey thing is totally bogus. And the 1100 points will buy you very, very little.

When we got home from vacation two weeks later. We then realized we had been scammed. We felt totally betrayed by Tony and the rest of the Powhaten/Greensprings DRI team. I immediately began writing emails and letters to any one I could run across in the DRI corporatioon. No response. Tony had given us his phone number. However, either his voice mail box was full or if we left a message, he did not call back.

We wrote the BBB in VA and in Las Vegas. Finally, aftyer many weeks, we got a response. We evetually setup a conference call with Las Vegas, Powhaten/Greensprings, and us. "Didn't you sign the papers?", they said. Yes, but our salesperson lied to us. "We talked to Tony, he says he didn't tell you those things." Well, can we actually talk to Tony ourselves. "No that is impossible." Are we stuck with Diamond? "Yes, there is no way out once you sign".

My suggestion to anyone reading this story - Don't Sign Anything!! Head for the door!! You will survive without the $50 gift card. We are unsure how the other DRI resorts operate, but the Greensprings/Powhaten office seems particularly unscruplulous.

My wife and I feel totally betrayed, especially by Tony. Between the two days we met with him, we spent probably 8 hours in his office and felt that we had established a realationship of trust. Obviously, that was not the case.

  • Apr 4, 2018

On Sunday March 25th, 2018 we entered the Circus Circus Hotel and were greeted by a Diamond Resorts International representative. He ushered us to the desk and another representative talked us into attending a 120 minutes time share presentation. For this we had to put down a $40 deposit and were promised show tickets and dinner for attending.

On Monday 3/26/2018 at 11:25am we left for the resort. We got there at 11:45am. We sat down with a man name John he told us briefly about the presentation we were going to sit through. We were then ushered into a presentation room where another man presented the information about the timeshare and we were then taken back by John to discuss the opportunity to become a time share owner. My husband an I told John we were not interested he told us he had to finish his presentation and then we could talk to his manager. We again told them we were not interested because it was over $12,000. The supervisor came and talked to us and we again said that we were not interested, and we weren’t going to spend that kind of money on a vacation package.

We were then escorted to another woman. At this time, we have been at the resort for 3.5 hours. We asked to leave at this time and they said there were going to refund our $40 deposit and get us our free gifts. We just had to look at one more option. This option was a Sampler package 20,000 points for $3995.00. I asked the woman that was now pressuring us if we signed up for this if I had buyer’s remorse could I get out of it. She asked me to explain buyer’s remorse to here as she didn’t understand. So, I explained to her if I signed up for this, so we could leave, if I wanted to I could get out of it. She assured me that there was not obligation and I would be able to cancel and any time. I told her I wanted to leave and felt like this was a hostage situation and I could only leave if I signed up for something. This woman told us we were financing the $3995 through DRI and I have since found out that they signed us up for a credit card we did not have any knowledge of.

We signed the documents on a tablet and the information that we could not cancel or rescind was not on the original forms we signed. I feel like we were held hostage for 5 hours and we were only able to leave once we signed up for the timeshare. The other issue is that if we would have signed up for the time share we would have had a grace period to get out of it, but since we signed up for the sampler package there is no recourse. I sent a certified letter to the company on 3/29/18 stating I wanted out of the contract and they stated there was nothing they would do.

I have also contacted the credit card company and disputed the charges they have told me it takes up to 2 billing cycles to get a resolution. This is abusive sales practice. We were taken by a bus to another location and were not able to leave until we signed up. We asked several times to leave and were kept there against our will. We felt the only way to leave and continue our vacation was to sign up for something.

  • Sep 6, 2017

Re 11/18/2016 contact fraud I wanted to get out of my diamond timeshare, which of course is worth nothing, and will cost me to legally dispose of it. However when invited to attend one of their presentations I went solely to get the free gift promised. I told the salesman up front I had no interest in buying more points because I was planning to get out. Still for an hour he persisted in pushing all the wonderful benefits I would get if I upgraded to 'Silver' status. Again, I said I had no interest. When I said I was leaving at that point he described a 'new' 'buyback' program from Diamond whereby after 2 years if I had gold status I could sell it back to Diamond for a large amount, and that if I was 'silver' status could sell it back after 3. In my case, he quoted $108,000 if I sold what I had back after 3 years. If I was at less than silver status I could not take advantage of this deal, so what I own is worth zero. He agreed with me when I told him that it must make it a lot easier to sell timeshares with such a great deal. He wholeheartedly agreed! Of course, I had never heard of any timeshare company offering a penny to someone who wanted to do this. So I was VERY skeptical, and had him go through how this "buyback" program at least 5 times, during which he continued to promise it. So I am being promised this significant future buyback amount based upon what I already owned plus the points for getting to silver status. It sounded like a layup, and the rep seemed trustworthy and I had gone through this with him repeatedly.

Now at this point I figured well I think Diamond is a reputable company, so their salesman would certainly not be FLAT OUT LYING TO MY FACE. He also put some of this fairy tale in writing. Too bad I was not also recording it on a cell phone. So after about 4 hours I finally took the bait and bought the additional points for $15,500, signing the volumous contract in the scores of places requested. Maybe 6 months go buy and I called Diamond with some unrelated questions and mentioned the great buyback deal. At this point, I was informed there was no buyback program. So at this point I knew I had been been defrauded out of $15,500. I called the "hospitality" department which reviews complaints. Guess what? I was told that they didn't care what their salesman had told me. I signed the contract. Tough sh*. I am really incredulous that this company is fine with defrauding someone the way I have been. Do they not stand behind what their salesman said orally and his own writing, and enough times that I could not have misunderstood him. I think most people would expect was being promised orally would take precedent over anything in the written contract if there was any variance. It was midnight and I didn't read through their entire contract and of course had to agree to it then or the offer would no longer be available (Makes it lot easier to screw someone, right!) And of course there was no opportunity to have a lawyer review it, even if I wanted to. (And I don't think there is ANY time period in which someone could rescind the contract.(That helps committing fraud too, right?) So where I am now is tough sh*, you signed our written contract and whatever the salesman promised you doesn't matter to us. Fraud is fine by us. I suppose even if the salesman had put a gun to my head and I signed under duress, their attitude is tough sh* sucker no matter what the salesman did or said because I had signed. So if whoever is reading this receives what seems to be a great offer (even if fraudulent) orally or in the salesman's writing, make sure at a minimum record everything on a cell phone video (they might still screw you), and read every word in the written contract. Timeshares are the worst 'investment' , because they ultimately have no value, even 5 minutes after you sign. But this 'new program' seemed like a good 3 year investment, and I regrettably did not expect that I could be defrauded and not be able to cancel the contract. They're CROOKS. THEY HAVE NO ETHICS. NO MORALITY.Their salesman's representations mean nothing. I hope whoever reads this acts accordingly. I haven't given up trying to recover my money, although I imagine I never will. I wish this could go viral. If they don't do what is right, I will do the following. I'm going to post it wherever I can. Please copy this text and forward it to your contact list. Maybe that will save someone. I am not making a word of this up. Thanks!

  • Jul 26, 2017

Three years ago my family and I visited Fort Lauderdale Florida. On the last day off our visit we wear offered free tickets to Disneyland if we attend a seminar for an hour we thought it's reasonable and we got to diamond resorts international we were kids there for 12 hours and were promised everything under the sun. Every time we attempted to leave another person would come in and asked us just a weird little bit longer by the end of the day We were ripped off off thousands of dollars and promised everything The timeshare we purchased was never used we paid all maintenance fees since then contacted the company many times and I was told to go away basically so far we were been ripped off with more than $60,000 and I spoke to many other people and was told there's nothing I can do about it

  • Jul 12, 2017

Back in Nov 2016 my wife and myself went to a timeshare presentation presented by Diamond Resorts only for the purpose of getting a voucher to see a show free there in Branson. Well needless to say what was only to be a 55 minute presentation turned out to be 3 1/2 hrs of pure high pressure and full of lies and mental stress. 3 high pressured "salesmen" came into a very Small office one at a time and began brow beating us. Told us this was a great time to sign up and have alot of great vacations. They had alot of great specials going on right now. They told us they had special discounts from Verizon which was 20%!! (This sounded good to me .) Another lie!!! Verizon knew nothing about this!! I asked about the maintence fees. They told us that with over 360 plus locations they wouldn't go up and if they would it would only be minimal. Another big lie! We trusted what they told us and even against our better judgement, and their continued reassurance, we bit and signed. Since we signed, our sales rep told us to wait and pay when we get our membership pkg but be sure to pay by Jan 1st. to avoid intetest charges. We waited untill late Dec and decided to lay on full so no interest would be charged. Guess what? They charged us $140 plus for late fee!! And I called the billing office in Vegas and they same as told me get over it, you're not getting it credited back! By now I'm very hot and ticked off! By the way it's now July 11, 2017 and we still don't have our membership packet. Go figure. Backtrack to July 5th, 2017. This is the first time we used our Diamond Resorts timeshare and we wanted to take our family with us on a trip to Branson. If we were to stay in our timeshare complex it was going to cost us $3,000 and 3,000points plus $47.00 for 4 days. That would have been a cheap vacation, right?

  • Jun 24, 2017

Do not accept those free tickets for show in Las Vegas, it's all about getting you in to the presentation of Diamond Resorts International. Once you attend this presentation their representative will promise you a free cruise tickets which you will never have because it's bogus. The points they will charged was way more money when converted in dollar amount. On their Sampler it will cost you $3275.oo for 15,000 points. A three (3) night stay at one of their resort in Las Vegas is 6500 points which is equivalent to $1430.00. Each points is valued at $0.22. So 6500 points times $0.22 is equal to $1430.00 which is way more costly than staying in one of those five star hotels and casino in Las Vegas. This is one of the biggest RIPOFF in Las Vegas, Nevada. Don't let this people fool you. They'll try everything to make you buy one of their products. Please don't do it. It's bull s**t. This is how they make their business, it's like stealing your hard earned dollars. Try something else but NOT DIAMOND RESORT INTERNATIONL. RIPOFF RIPOFF, RIPOFF

  • Jun 3, 2017

We stayed at a resort in Bryan Head, UT. We were unaware that it was a Diamond Resorts hotel. Once we stayed, we were bombarded with offers and people calling constantly. We finally accepted a trip to Sedona, AZ, for 2 days. We were never told about any required meeting.. were just told that Diamond wanted to have us visit more of their locations, as a traveller. We were notified that we were required to attend a 1 hours presentation of timeshares, but we could simply refuse the offer and resume our vacation.

This was a non-stop hit job... they sent 1 person after another, drowned us information. Once we turned down one offer, that person would say they would get our exit package and be right back. Then another person would come and start all over. They provided us a book with all of the DR locations. When we were on our 4th person (We had turned down 3 at this point and had been there for 1-1/2 hours). he finally got us down to a sampler package.. we specifically asked if the sampler package that cost us 2600.00 could be used at any of their locations. We were told YES...... Once we agreed and signed the documents (now there for 2 hours and 4 sales people) we were finally able to leave. When we tried to book some travel to San Diego.. were told we only had about 14 locations we were able to use.. they were all sub-par locations.. many 1000's of miles away on the East Coast and in Florida.. we were furious and felt completely deceived and wore down..

  • May 15, 2017

We own in a time share that was purchased by Diamond International in fall of 2015. I received my first bill in from the new onwers by mail on January of 2016 that I was past due and had 10 days to pay before penalties would be assesed, I paid the bill promptly. For 2017 we had not received a bill, my wife called in February 2017 and they said they were sending out and we could sign up for online services (Which we do not have any interest in doing). We never received a bill until today by certified mail 5/13/2017, which warned of foreclosure if not paid by June 1 ,2017 and included interest and fees for late pay. I called immediately to pay which I did and complained that I should not have to pay any interest and fees since this was my first bill. They said their records show that bills were send out and I had to pay in full.

What my wife was told in February of 2017 and the information they had in their system were completely different, my wife said that she was also told they were sending by email which they never did. It's funny, they have our email on file and the only emails we have received from them are emails trying to sell more stuff. The only phone calls from them have been to upgrade our account and nobody has contacted us to give us a bill to be paid on time without penalties. It's obvious to me that they really do not care about their clients and all they want is to capitalize on every opportunity to profit from them.

We never had any problems like this with our previous owners Gold Key Resorts and I have always paid my bills on time without penalties. Wow what a coincidence I received bills from Gold Key before they were due and they were paid on time.

  • Mar 21, 2017

Admittedly I was late in paying my timeshare maintenance statement as I am disabled with limited income. I received a late notice dated Jan. 24, 2017 in the amount of $1659.56. When I went to pay the statement amount on March 12, 2017 that amount jumped to $2099.49, a difference of $450. Diamond Resorts evidently is a total scam in the timeshare world, making their money on late fees. No amount of reasoning was considered by their representatives and unless I wanted them to forclose on me I had no choice.

  • Mar 11, 2017

Purchase a time share and had to refinance the house to pay for it now I can't use it because they said there is nothing available and they want to send me to a hotel almost paid 30,000.00 US dollars

  • Feb 11, 2017

I stayed a night at one of their properties and I've since been inundated with telemarketing calls. When I say to take me off their list, they claim not to hear me and hang up.

  • Jan 28, 2017

We first bought our membership many years ago when they first opened up. At that time they had a beautiful place for RV's to park. We were only able to visit once maybe twice yearly. We had a really nice place down by the river. They were still building the condo's. We would bring friends that would rent condo's. After a few years they started doubling their rates. We paid the increase although we still only used it very seldom. It started out at Approximately $365.00 yearly. Doubling to $700.00 yearly then doubling that. We told them we were not interested in continuing at that rate. They have continued to bill us yearly to the point now that our bill is $7,947.68. People can go to Branson and stay at a really nice campground for almost nothing with no contract. Plus the parking for their RV's became trashy. I would not recommend their resort to anyone and if there is ever a lawsuit I would love to join in..

  • Dec 24, 2016

Diamond Resort International will rip you off with your hard earned money. They will scam you with confusing information as to how good to have a membership with them that you can go to any of the places you wished for. They will show you all the pictures of resorts that you can go with them but in the end the money they charge you to be a member is triple or quadruple and most of the time you will never use it because they will come up with charges that you have to get in order for you to book the vacation you wanted. It is a never ending sale of ownership and sales pitch from representatives that will not take no for an answer. They will scam you to upgrade your ownership and charges will apply without you knowing. Please do not join timeshare with Diamond Resort they are vultures that will take all of your hard earned savings.

  • Dec 5, 2016

We became Diamond resort owners after Diamond Resort purchased our ILX Arizona timeshare resort. Fees increased to the extent a law firm advertised. soliciting owners because there were so many foreclousres after the acquisition. As former (as of 12/31) Palmer told investors, "We add 15% onto all annual budget items which is a 100% profit for investors." In addition, fifiteen insiders made over $600 million on the Apollo Global Management buyout of Diamond. The founder of Apollo founded Apollo after the prior company he founded filed for bankruptcy due to the junk bond scandal. That company was Drexel Burnham Lambert.

Meanwhile, as an example, our local TV station interviewed Ralph Marble, diagnosed with a medical condition just after purchasing a Diamond vacation package. Over a period of eight years, which he could not travel, he was denied a voluntary surrender until the reporter contacted Diamond. [continued below]....

  • Nov 2, 2016

Hi Team' My complaint is probably already known to you,it regards Diamond Fractions and how the company used the fear factor and subsequent release from the Timeshare to extract money from us.To pay for this we borrowed money from the company they were using to provide easy finance, with a company called "shirebrook".The Ammount was 7,200 GBP.

I have since found that the promise of leaving the Timeshare company in 15 years with a cash sum if i so wish is extemely unlikely,as the company Diamond resorts has told it's sales force this,some of it's executives have resigned,and have set up sites to instruct members of this marketing ploy disaster.

I have evidence in writing from a company in Aberfeldy in Scotland one of the companies ex sales force is operating a sheme to help members retrieve members, fractions + membership release.These actions have astonished me as did the cost that this other company wanted to charge me to achieve release.I would like you if possible to help us if you can.

I have all the relevant paper work to do with the Tme share back to when we started,hope there is something ROB can do.

  • Sep 12, 2016

How to change Diamond Resorts

The only way to stop what is happening is to have hundreds of people file complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (under the mortgage option even if there is no mortgage) and the FTC. If you live in NY or TN file with the Attorney General. In Florida, the Attorney General's office acted on 110 complaints out of 2,360 filed between April 2014 through April 2016 so you better have a good one or it is a waste of time.

My husband and I owned timeshare for over 25 years without a question or complaint until Diamond bought ILX. Now I have turned into a timeshare advocate. You can find my articles by searching Irene Parker The Street. I am not paid to be a contributor. Inside Timeshare in Spain also publishes my articles. Our contract said we could sell our shares but I learned not one member of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association will buy or sell them. They will buy or sell all of Diamond's major competitors programs. When a parent dies, an heir does not have to find a friend or family member to buy the house. A secondary market is not the same as being able to sell your shares. How deceptive is that?

The reason agents that lie get away with it is because of the oral representation clause that says a timeshare buyer did not rely on the oral representation of an agent to make the purchase. Buyer beware.

  • Sep 12, 2016

We purchase this timeshare 13 years ago while vacationing in San Carlos, Sonora Mx, we bought 1 weeks from ILX, which was latter bought by Diamond Resorts. Most recently we attempted to book a week in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. Timeshare showed no availability for a party of 6, so we decided to look at other hotels within sancarlos, several sites such as show that Sea of Cortes Resort in San Carlos Sonora was available to the public. We thought maybe if we call they will make these 2 BR apartment available to us, but the agent rejected our request and treated us poorly, attempted to escalate to a supervisor 3 different times without success we were on hold and no supervisor will talk to us. We are obligated to pay $1200 maintenance fee per year, and this outfit charge the regular public less that what my points are worth. This outfit has consistently increase maintenance fees, we feel trap, there was a lawsuit when ILX was in control, now with Dimond Resorts we are segregated, and only able to use a handful of resorts which are hardly available even when attempting to book way in advance, consistently shows no availability. Can help but to assume there must be a concerted effort to marginized existing "owners" this outfit is a nightmare no difference a than highway robbery. Any advise by anyone experiencing similar treatment, I would think there are many in the same situation.

  • Aug 8, 2016

In March, 2015, we were pressured to sign upgrade to Diamond Resorts from Monarch Grand Vacations thet we had owned debt free since 1995. We had NO TIME to read any of contract as we travelled to family for the next week, and car broke down on way home from Northern California. They told us we would be liable for MGV bankruptcy if we did not sign, and they nade us pay MGV maintenance in advance, as well. Signup offer of "FREE" trip was also a hoax, as they told us we had to repay $1,200 off their loan first.

I had unexpected CABG-5 Artery Bypass Surgery on 6th July, 2015 and could not work again until December, when I resigned after 2 weeks back. Diamond Resorts forced us to pay FULL YEAR'S maintenance for 2015 in June before surgery, that we could NEVER USE. Requested REFUND several times after HARDSHIP APPLICATION in December 2015. They kept requesting additional information and told us we would have to REPAY LOAN & pay $3,000 maintennce in advance for 2016 that we told them we could not pay.

They have been harassing us 3-4 times weeky with phone calls requesting payments they knew we could not pay, angering me, and we threatened them with legal action if they persisted.

Several times we offered our DEED in lieu of full settlement of debt and they keep refusing.

July, 2016, we complained to BBB and observed another 1,004 complaints against them in past 3 years.

There has been nothing but high pressure sales & LIES, LIES, LIES since March 2015 and complete ignorance of our financial situation, that because of DIAMOND RESORTS NASTY ACTIONS , our credt scores have plummeted to the lowest ever, after being "A" rated for years.

We are thoroughly disgusted with them. The "Undercover Boss" episode on TV stirred up the mud that they thrive on. These people are EVIL.

All they harp on is the 3 days we COULD HAVE Cancelled. What rubbish!

We had Seniors' Legal review these binding contracts and they were stunned at how devious they are.

All we want is a FULL REFUND and debt cancellation, and that is what we received from another TIMESHARE company we have enjoyed for 20 years, who worked pleasantly with us for only 2 months. They advised that our debt was "paid in Full" and it was for a larger amount than we still owe to Diamond Resorts Thieves & LIARS

  • Jul 30, 2016

Our first experience with time share presentations came during a vacation to Sedona AZ with a group called Sunterra. Any previous dealings with corporate America on our part were entered into with confidence that negotiations were in good faith on the part of both parties. After years of experience with these presentations it has become abundantly evident that one of the parties in this case was not only acting in bad faith, but was taking full advantage of a carefully crafted program of manipulation and deceit to take advantage of anyone they can lure into their devious presentations. This presentation was nearly indistinguishable from all the ones that followed over the ensuing years whenever we stayed at any of "our" properties,a presentation filled with empty promises, exaggerations, disguised and shrouded information required by governmental regulatory agencies which we were required to initial to fulfill their regulatory obligations that totally skirted the real intent of the law, misrepresented "benefits" available to members, and of course outright lies.

The signature characteristic of Sunterra's presentation, is unnecessary (complicatedness). The generic term for this is smoke and mirrors. We were "especially lucky" to be experiencing this presentation when we did as Sunterra was being bought out at that precise moment by Diamond Resorts International so there were "special considerations" available to us not normally available to others! Of course the offer to buy into this wonderful opportunity was the very best deal they could afford to offer and would only be valid for that particular day after which the price would rise precipitously. Hidden in the bowels of this contract is another government regulation which we again must initial stating we read the 100 page prospectus provided by Diamond Resorts. We were told we would receive this document "in the upcoming days" at our home address so as "not to be burdened with all this voluminous paperwork while traveling."

Again, a presentation technique common to the grand design was utilized when we balked at their "very best offer." This would be another unique opportunity due entirely to fortuitous circumstance that they are "very rarely able to do" which is to include an "executive, vice presidential CEO" from "corporate" who just happens to be on site this particular day. Since he happens to be on site, and especially likes us after a very cordial and personal (two minute) conversation and because he possesses very powerful, Oz like powers the offer was suddenly improved considerably!

So now we have been offered a deal that will most certainly bankrupt Diamond Resorts if we don't promise to not divulge the unprecedentedly generous treatment showered upon us this day. Our immediate counter offer was accepted only after much hand wringing and consternation on the part of all in this grand transaction.

So, all the i's dotted and all the t's crossed, all caveats and disclaimers have been initialed, all legal signatures have been penned and properly recorded and all government regulations have been satisfied and attested to (sort of). The need no longer exists to maintain the charade that this is an exclusive vacation club with the primary purpose of offering unexcelled service in providing vacation experiences.

As the years have passed it has become very apparent that the total focus of this corporation is the above mentioned sales presentations to not only prospective new marks, but this concern is shameless enough to target those of us who have already bought into the scam and are unable to get reservations at the promised resorts because they are all held open to entice new marks! Specific example:

My wife and I traveled to Kansas City to visit our new grandson and attempted to reserve a week at the very nice Diamond Resorts property at Fall Creek in Branson Missouri. After an hour of aggravation on line and another 15 minutes of more aggravation wandering around in their robophone I finally got a live person who after another 20 minutes informed me that even though this is a preferred property in my membership portfolio of properties I could not reserve a suite. With no further assistance from "my personal club" I used The Club portion on Diamond Resorts to book a sanctioned property with at least an implied guarantee of some rudimentary quality in Branson. Upon arrival we were confronted with the most rundown, filthiest, insect infested property we have seen anywhere. All furniture torn to tatters with sofa cushions flipped for "more esthetic presentation." Main concern at front desk was photocopying (front and back) of my MasterCard for $500 damage deposit. The photocopy was carefully filed on the desk in the front office in plain view. I obviously had to cancel that card!

Now: Insult to Injury

In the lobby of our restaurant that night we were approached by a Diamond Resorts representative who feigned surprise at our response when he asked about our experience as members with Diamond Resorts. He did actually offer us a suite at The Suites at Falls Creek with a $100 gift card if we would agree to sit through yet another wonderful DR presentation.

So: The True Character of Diamond Resorts

Once you're a member you will be unable to reserve any of the admittedly very nice properties because "there is no availability" but you can reserve, sight unseen and with no guarantee of quality (let alone safety) a "comparable" property. Low and behold though, when talking to one of the lowest members of the DR food chain I can now reserve the suite I originally wanted on the dates for which I was told there was no availability and receive $100 for doing so if I subject myself and my wife to another DR sales fairy tale!

Stay tuned, this is just the first installment of factual accounts by one owner (member) of Diamond Resorts International.

Next Installment:

What do you call a business concern that forsakes their current clients to attract future clients just to maintain solvency?

  • Apr 21, 2016

Ignorant people who claim you can get a refund with no problem. I called 23-hrs., later to cancel. The guy who asked more than once " why cancel, I mean you just order yesterday. Why would you not keep your word? and " You're nothing but a number to me". I said, "You have a very nasty attitude, and I can barely hear you. Sounds like a frat house,w/ boys running around slapping each other w/ wet towels." He said I was getting 'salty' w/ him. Whatever that means. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He left me on hold 15-20 mins. I hung up tried calling back. The first 4 times, it was busy. The next few times, I received the recording for when their closed. Some time later, A woman snatches the phone and says, "Hello." I asked if I could speak to a supervisor. She said she was the supervisor. Same loud yelling, screaming, hootin' and hollerin'. I said, 'If your the super., why are you allowing so much noise in the background that I can't hear you, nor you me." She told me they like to keep 'Their energy level up." I asked for a manager. Another person, w/ the EXACT same noise in the background, announced they were the manager. Neither of them spoke professionally. I asked for corporate. She announced she WAS corporate. With the same exact NOISE in the background. Just louder. I did some homework, and discovered that VRC and BestVacationEver, are owned by Diamond resorts. Contacted Diamond, on a live-chat. During the live chat, Garrett Cooper typed, "We do not own Vacation Reservation Center, but they are affiliated" and "We do have several different companies that sell vacation packages with us, but they are not necessarily part of our company." Isn't that a contradiction?

  • Jan 4, 2016

Just how long will Member Assn. keep upgrading vulnerable retired seniors and long standing members of color...among others, with "upgrading ripoffs" such as two-level housing, Wi-Fi, new building extensions etc...and raising maintenance fees with each "new upgrade"?? I'm living in the real world where housing sales rates are 3.99% to 6.99% while Diamond is now charging 20%??...and adding late charges and other fees to it.!!! WHY 120k for a yearly visit to a resort you'll never finish paying for? PLEASE STOP THIS GREED!!

  • Dec 23, 2015

My husband and I became Sunterra Timeshare owners (about 9 years ago) before Diamond Resorts bought them out. We were told that there was a credit card program where we could earn even more points each year and not have to pay maintenance fees on those extra points. And that we could sell back our timeshare at any time. That credit card program was cancelled within 18 months of becoming a member, and Diamond bought Sunterra and now we are told we can't sell back our timeshare. Our maintenance fees continue to increase. We were told with our points we could get 1-2 weeks a year of vacation and now our points only get us a vacation every other year. We feel robbed, and stuck in a deceitful program that is no longer working for us. We want OUT! We paid $15,000 for 4,000 points -- and then $1100 in maintenance fees each year. What a ripoff. We are looking into all our options. A class action lawsuit would be the perfect solution!

  • Dec 19, 2015

We pay maintenance fees every quarter which add up to about $1500 per year. When we try to call and get a reservation there's almost never any availability and we have to end up using points and also pay out-of-pocket to reserve a week. With $1500 if you go online you could reserve a room at a six star resort, much better than any of the properties which diamond resorts is ownership of, and not have to pay maintenance fees. This is the worst money I've ever spent totally regret it I'm going to do everything in my power to get out of this contract!

  • Oct 23, 2015

My wife and I were visiting Sedona AZ the first week of March 2015, for a 40th anniversary celebration, and were invited to attend a sales presentation for Diamond Resorts International, a point system time share. We attended a presentation starting mid afternoon. The sales team was pleasant and persuasive, telling us repeatedly that for our purchase of 10,000 points we would be able to vacation at numerous resorts all over the world. The primary sales person repeatedly stated that "we could book vacations at fantastic resorts for 2500 points per week with no difficulty". She showed us several of these on her own computer. I told them that I'd like to research availability and locations of resorts on my own to determine how hard it was. The sales rep and her supervisor told us that the deal being presented was only available at the presentation, but once we received our member number we would be able to check out the web site and reservation system ourselves. We were now 2-3 hours into the presentation and somewhat punch drunk, and finally agreed that we would make the purchase and evaluate the process. It took another 2 hours to sign paperwork, with hundreds of pages of documents presented without time to read any details. It was well after dark when we finally finished the process.

We expected to get our member number immediately via email, but weeks passed without any number being issued, so we were unable to make any evaluation of the online reservation system. My wife tried repeatedly to make reservations by phone at locations of interest to us, but despite attempted help from many Diamond Resort reps at various locations, we could find nothing appropriate within the 10,000 points that we had purchased. Our presentation and purchase occurred on the afternoon of March 1. We did not get our membership number until the end of March. After exhausting multiple avenues in attempting to use our points by phone, I sent an email on April 9 requesting cancellation of our contract based on the company's inability to fulfill its promises to us.

I was informed that there was a 7 day recision clause, and our request was after the end of the period. I communicated our desire to amicably settle the matter, since there would seem to be no benefit to the company in having unhappy customers. Since then, I've made many attempts to speak to someone at a supervisory level that can deal with this issue, to no avail. We still have not used any services provided by the company. I get robot calls from the company on a nearly daily basis. When you answer these calls, a machine thanks you for calling Diamond Resorts, and states an agent will be with you as soon as possible. Wait times are long and the agent that eventually answers is always completely clueless.

Based on this entire experience, I would strongly recommend that this company be entirely avoided when looking for a vacation purchase.

  • Sep 19, 2015

In April 2015 my wife and I purchased a Diamond Resort Sampler and my credit card was charged $349 and monthly payments were to be charge until the balance was paid.

We booked our first trip for January 2016 and were told we would need to have made at least $1,000 in payments on our loan, but that should not be a problem given the six month time line.

Last month I noticed that there have been no additional charges on my card by Diamond. I have made a total of four phone calls to Diamond, the last one was this past Wednesday and I was promised that I would hear back on Thursday. It’s now Friday and still no call, no email, no snail mail.

So right now we have nothing and no answers and would not become an owner if they gave it to me. What an incompetently run business, with zero customer service. I want my $349 back and too be finished with Diamond Resorts.

  • Aug 20, 2015

Diamond Resorts International When i purchased y Diamond Resorts Timeshare, it was transferred over from Mystic Dunes Resort. I was told that the maintenance fees would not be due during 2015 since i was purchasing in June, however, i received a bill in the mail on 19 Sep for a $2900 due on 1 Sep, this is not what i was told at the time of purchase. I was told that since i already paid maintenance fees under Mystic Dunes for the year, i would not have to pay twice, that was a LIE! I was also told that i could use my Barclay Mastercard to pay for my maintenance fees, when i called Diamond Resort and asked them about this, they said they do not have a process for allowing you to pay your maintenance fees with points earned from your Barclay Mastercard. In addition to this, in January they are going to bill be for another $2900, if not more, for maintenance fees, that would be more than $6000 in maintenance fees within 4 months. The lies that are being told by Diamond Resorts International has got to be against the law, and i cannot imagine that i am the only one. Mystic Dunes/Diamond Resorts Florida.

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