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Diamond International Movers

Country United States
State Oregon
City Jordan Valley
Address 1305 Young Field Ave
Phone (503) 662-1631

Diamond International Movers Reviews

  • Sep 17, 2022

Guz Kennels scam operates a very believable Multi Level French Bulldog Puppy Scam Operation. They use a scam shipping company with website and tracking that you would never think it is not legitimate.

They use social media accounts with Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook etc. that is filled with thousands of fake accounts that comment and interact within the platform making you believe they received puppies successfully. These fake accounts also post videos and pictures of successfully receiving a french bulldog puppy, mainly in airports all around the world.

My experiencce started out after looking for a specific Lilac and Tan French Bulldog. I found Guz Kennels in a Facebook group and messaged him directly. He claims to be located in Jordan Valley, Oregon USA and presents himself as a very reputable experienced dog breeder and dog shipper with hundreds of videos showing customers receiving their French Bull Dog Puppy successfully.

Guz Kennels, GRL Frenchies, Luis Dupo Gustavo after live video call seeing the puppy, confirming dna, mom and dad etc. 1st had me send a $500 deposit via Paypal family and friends to an email address with a foreign name.. Then Guz Kennels sent out their contract for the sale of the pup.

Next they brought the pup and showed live video of them weighting the pup in at their currier service at which point they requested you send them multiple payment once they sent you tracking from Diamond International Movers which is also part of the Scam....

Guz Kennels, GRL Frenchies wants the funds received in 3 transactions; deposit ($500 via paypal), once they are at the currier ($2385) and once the pup is in the air with tracking confirmation ($1000).

You are given locations near you to go to a Coin Cloud Machine and are given instructions and a QR code to scan so his account can receive funds via Bitcoin. Funds are sent and he receives them quickly within 15 minutes and states the fees costed him $$$ x amount and he request you send the fees all while sending you live video of the pup being weighted in at the shipping currier he tells you there is a button on the top right of the machine that you were suppose to press in order to not incure the fees.

This button does not exist on any of Coin Base machines for I called Coin Base and confirmed that all the machines all charge an exchange rate and the machine I was using was 16%. Now all payments being sent needs to be send with the addinal 16% fees in my case.

Guz Kennels scam says your french bulldog puppy is boarding the plane and the shipping company Diamond International Movers sends you an email from them with a tracking number to track your pup on his plane ride. The system Diamond International Movers uses, looks, and operates like a real tracking system giving updates of locations every 1 hour, 3 hours or 5 hours, which Guz Kennels asks which time frame you would like to purchase prior.

Once your French Bulldog Puppy is confirmed boarding via Diamond International Movers tracking number and website the 2nd payment in my case $1000 is then sent via Coin Base machine via Bitcoin. Pay attention what happens with this payment.. This payment for some reason takes hours before it clears which causes Guz Kennels scam to have the puppy removed from the plane at it's next stop because they state that the funds haven't cleared and they cannot take the risk.

The puppy will stay at the layover location until the payment is received. In my case they said they received the payment 10 minutes after the plan left. I will come back to this in a minute, so lets back up a bit.

When your french bulldog puppy scam is confirmed to be on the way and in the plane, you are to send the remainder balance, which in my case was the remaining $1000... Now you are paid in full plus all fees and you think your pup is safely on his way. At this point everything seems to be going as planned and your puppy is on the way and you should have him home in about 10 hours in my case. However remember the payment that did not clear yet as stated above ^^^

Because the payment did not clear they pulled the pup from the plane at the shippers request, it all shows in the Diamond International Movers scam website tracking. The payment cleared 10 mins after the plane left without the pup. Guz Kennels Scam then applogizes and says they will pay for the pup to be put back on a plane and shipped, Guz Kennels scam checks airports with times and they make the changes for you with no charge and are very apologetic.

Hours go by and the tracking information from Diamond International Movers updates and you recieve an email saying he is being boarded.. Yay!! 10 minutes later you get another email from Diamond International Movers that state your pup needs a booster shot, decompression shot and a special digital crate in the amount of $2800 to get him on his flight.

Next I call Guz Kennels, with his provided phone number @ (503) 662-1631 he answers and I inform him of what is happening and he says he will be on his way to the currier to help get this sorted. We decided to ship the pup the rest of the way via ground service directly to our front door for an another charge of $620 and he said he would help with $170.00 of that charge. Pup is now scheduled to arrive at 1:15am the next morning.

We waited all night tracking the progess and it showed he was close just a few hours away. Pup never showed and the website tracking marked it as missed delivery. Contacted Guz Kennels Scams and he says he is dropping his family off at church and heading to the currier to help get this sorted.

He then sends pics from somewhere that they attempted delivery but was untrue for our security guard reported they never arrived and was also made aware they were coming. I sent him a video of our security guard stating that Diamond International Movers never showed.

At this point we just wanted the pups location and we would go pick him up ourself. Guz Kennels scam tells us this is not an option and against Diamonds pet dog shipping scams policy and the pup is in Charleston, SC and must be flown in to us for another $2800.

We reached out to others that confirm they also have been scammed by this exact scheme. Same exact scenario with the delayed recieved payment, which required the pup to be pulled from the plane. In one of the other family's that was scammed, this scam went on for two weeks and the family was out $7000.

They were told after the two weeks that they could no longer ship the puppy and the puppy would end up being donated to the Humane Society due to the pedigree and condition of the puppy. The only difference in this particular family's story, is that the shipper address and phone number was different as well as the paypal email address was different. Every other detail was exactly the same.

This scheme is an absolute multi level mind blowing operation these scammers have designed. Do not Trust these people. You will get ripped. If you also got ripped off by these scammers or have questions lets connect.

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