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Deven and Associates

Country United States
State California
City Beverly Hills
Phone 424 653 6858

Deven and Associates Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2023

Beware of Deven Streeter or his real name, Daniel Wallace Smith, the guy is noting but scum! You have to do appointments with him and he sells you on your own personal sales team making all these sales for you. Every week you keep your appointments and he updates you with your sales progress and that to start making the money, you need to pay your package, that 3,000. Wants you to start an owners list, so he can scam more people and that will help bring down the balance that you owe.

One your commission banks reach $10,000, the person that you came in under, who you will never speak to, will make an offer to help pay off your package if you dont have the funds to pay it off in exchange for half of your commission banks. Once you pay your package, thats when the lies come in about why they wont release your commission.

The first lie was the owner was sick and couldnt come in and he was the only one that could do payroll. The second was the owner had an affair with the marketing manager, Elaine Bennett, and the daughter wouldnt come in to realease the funds. Said since the owner was too sick, they were going to take the daughter to court so she would be forced to release the funds. None of that never happened, I doubt those people even exist.

The whole program is a scam.

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