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DermaBelle Cosmetics International

Country United States
State Hawaii
City Kapolei
Address 2116 Lauwiliwili St
Phone 1-310-327-5124

DermaBelle Cosmetics International Reviews

  • Jan 10, 2018

I'm just speechless. If you're wondering whether this company is a scam, think no further. IT IS A SCAM. Stay away or be scammed just like I was. Your choice. This company isn't worth any additional minute of my precious time. They've already stolen my precious money.

  • Dec 27, 2017

Dermabelle is a rip off. They double charged me 2x two products. They told me that I did not read the fine print. They are sneaky and crooks I filed a complaint and contacted my bank. Stay away from this company The cream also feels like it burns my eyes.

  • Oct 3, 2017

My senior citizen mom insisted that she try Joanna Gaines skincare. She believed that this person would only make the best. I ordered the free trial for her and then learned that Joanna Gaines was not associated with the product. They have sent me two additional products. I cancelled after the first. The second product came and I called again. They said it was separate products. They will not refund my money.

  • Aug 10, 2017

I ordered the product ILUMADERM then was sent to the DERMABELLE site as an add on to the first product. Both companies said they had a 14 day trial period but it was impossible to find it in their website or when the product was delivered. There was no paperwork in the box. I called to cancel and was given the run around that I had to cancel within 14 days. So I paid the $89.53 for ILUMADERM and cancelled however the DERMABELLE did not accept the prior company cancellation even though they were shipped together. So I was charged another $89.53 for a product that doesn't work! In calling them I found their operators rude and not willing to help me to return the 2nd shipment because they couldn't resell it! So I still have the unopened box and can't get my money back or return the product!

  • Jul 18, 2017

I saw an internet ad advertising facial creams..only pay shipping..2 creams $4.95 and $5.95...I gave my debit card #, and got the creams ..Dermabelle and Ilumaderm...did not open or use the meantime, got a bank statement showing additional charges of $89.95, and $87.35... Cream names listed as Pure N Easy for $89.95 phone # 888-421-5693 (Az), and Cream A Silk Cream for $87.35, phone # 877-792-1141 (CA).. Reference #1-#380898 and Reference #2-#897530...I am a SR. Citizen living in a complex, and have already heard of 3 other residents involved in the same scam. Please help... Thank you..

  • Dec 5, 2016

This company touts a free trial sample. After inputting your credit card #, evidently there is a terms & conditions statement in fine print explaining that you have to call within 14 days to stop the charge of the full cost of the items and a subscription to receive these products on a monthly basis to the tune of $180/month. Only after receiving my Visa statement and their second shhipment did I realize what was going on.

Upon calling this company and informing them that I would expect a full refund upon return of the second shipment did they state that they do not accept returns.

They offered a credit of 25% of the second purchase. After arguing with them about this, they offered a 50% credit. Upon further arguing, they offered a 75% credit. I asked that I receive a 75% discount on the first sale as well. They refused to do so. I accepted the 75% credit.

Upon calling our Visa card to stop payment on the first charge, the Visa company told me that they receive at least 15 calls a day regarding this scam and that there was nothing they could do about this as the company would win because of their terms & conditions and their right to refuse returns. The Visa company said I was lucky to get the 75% credit as lots of people don't even get that.

Don't get caught up in this as I should have known better, but am now out $220!

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