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Derek Spaar

Country United States
State Arizona
City Glendale
Address 5009 N 61st Ave
Phone (602) 741-4284

Derek Spaar Reviews

  • Jun 20, 2022

Derek Spaar Tempe Az Derek Lee Spaar who lives at unit #513 in the Tempe, Az Tides Apts is the guy you are looking for. He has been posing as a mobile mechanic for years. Fact is he and his brother Harry Spaar I have been ripping people off for anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for a years.

They generally require you to Zelle them payment to a man named Zolton Kovotts. In addition to being online skimmers they are also involved in the Phoenix and Tempe area in the sale of controlled substances. Police have been notified. Hundreds of people have literally been ripped off by these people according to the detective I filed my report with the entire family is involved.

Countless other lives destroyed by the poisons that they peddle. Derek is not a certified mechanic like he claims. Derek has never fixxed anything, certainly cannot complete any of these jobs. They believe ripping people off online keeps them safe from law enforcement because of jurisdictional issues.

Whole family is going to go down. According to my sources the address is accurate as of today. Been trying to get me to cash app them the money then zelle. Because neither one can be retracted when you get robbed by this corrupt family Stole money fraudulently Tempe Az

  • May 22, 2022

Here's my encounter with this piece of trash: My car needed a very expensive repair and I had posted a Craigslist ad looking for an experienced mechanic to save some money and also to have it done in a timely manner. This guy called me and talked my ear off about stupid car stuff to win me over with his "experience." I go to drop the car off and it's a sketchy apartment complex.

Should've been my first clue but I was blinded by the hope of my car being fixed and I've done an engine swap in a parking lot so I wasn't too judgy. Gave him a few hundred bucks up front, less than half of the parts cost from the dealer. He supposedly had some connection at the dealer to get a discount. He started making excuses on day 2 that it was gonna take longer.

Took him a couple days to "get the parts." Then he needed more money. He sent me a "receipt" from the dealer showing all $1100 in parts. This obviously turned out to just be a quote, which I realized after calling every nissan parts department in the city to ask if anyone had bought those parts. I started to catch on and he kept making pathetic excuses, lying about being in the hospital, etc.

He stopped responding and kept the keys for another day or so before telling him I was on my way with an officer and then he left the keys on the tire and hid inside his trash hole while I had my car towed home since it wouldn't start.

  • Nov 29, 2021

I recently was a victim of a scammer on Craigslist Inland Empire. I have an active post, searching for parts for my 1979 VW Beetle and was contacted by a man named Derek Spaar. He said he had all the parts I needed. I sent his girlfriend Erin Frederick via venmo $660. After not receiving the parts, I looked up their names and both have criminal records in Phoenix Az.

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