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Derek Earnhart

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Monoroeville
Phone 609-617-7437

Derek Earnhart Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2024

Contracted with Derek Earnhart (owner of Hemp Prep LLC) to help increase revenue of business, of which he started to do. In the end he used the retail space for his own personal workshop and living space, refused to hand over the money generated in sales for the last three months of work he had done, stole the inventory, and spray painted the security cameras black.

Then when we were moving out, he barred our entry and made some kind of deal with the Land Lord, of which, 6 months later had to evict Derek Earnhart for non payment of rent. In the eviction notice, which is available to the public on the Superior Court of New Jersey (in Woodbury) website, the Land Lord stated the space was a mess and smelled like dog. A court officer had to come and threaten to physcially remove Derek if he did not leave, which he eventually did comply with just 2 days before the court officer would come again to forcibly remove him.

We filed suit against Derek Earnhart and ended with a judgement against him, which can be found in the public records online at the Gloucester County Courthouse website, case: SC-000379-22

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