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Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 527 W 29th St
Phone 917-685-0062
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  • May 7, 2016

Someone posted a liebelous personal "complaint" on the website lsiting my name.

Shortly after, I recieved an email from a person named Christina Mannino, who claimed she wasn't responsible for the article but could have it removed if/once paid the same amount in the complaint. Skeptical of such a transaction, (especially after looking up the site) I was reluctant to pay the website to have the complaint removed. Rather, I asked that the person remove the article and that we settle any dispute in a private more civil manner, it was over $270.

The site ( asked for $500 to help resolve the complaint.

The person who wrote it (Christina Mannino) contradicts thier stories, even calls themself dumb in the article, regaurdless I wanted it removed as it showed up in my search results.

Over the years Christina Mannino, ignored attempts to resolve the complaint (the supposed purpose of using the site). Christina Mannino did however return to write personal remarks, hiding under the Alias of Anonymous 17, calling herself "Young and Dumb" in the article... Unusual behavior, and an unusual course of action to resolve a $270 buisness dispute.

After 3 years of attempting to reach a resolution, Christina Mannino sent a paypal request for the same amount in the article she intially claimed to have never written, under the agreement that she will remove the article.

Unsure if she's involved with people behind ( or acted on her own, from this experience it's best to be cautious if dealing with Christina Mannino and Dieve Clothing brand or They seem to lie in public to ask for money in private and follow up on nothing.

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