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Deep Roots

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Beverly
Address 62 Kernwood
Phone (978) 766-4840

Deep Roots Reviews

  • Oct 24, 2016

I worked for deep roots for a few months doing basic landscaping. I found a better job so I told him I'd be leaving in two weeks and found my replacement. He was angry that I was leaving at all. I've asked about my last pay check for 4 months and he never answered until I texted a picture of court documents for a civil suit. He said he would pay me way more than he owes in a few days and said I was being unreasonably impatient about my last payment. But it's been over 4 months. Well it's been a few days and nothing back from him and I talked to a current employ and he said he's ready to quit cause the guy isn't paying him either and told him to not come to work until there was enough to justify having employees come in. I should have seen this coming because when he hired me he said he had to fire all of his employees and needed to start fresh. Which is really suspicious but I needed a job and overlooked that. He generally treats customers well but this one time accidentally hit a guys boat and then drove off and never told him. And this was a long time loyal customer. Point being don't ever work for this guy or be a customer

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