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Davis Mobile Auto Repair

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 4610 S Trask Street
Phone 929-288-8270

Davis Mobile Auto Repair Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2020

Scammers and theifs

They rip me off out of $140 and caused more damage to my car than it was.

They asked for $140 to repair small dent in my car.

They cause more damage and left without finishing it.

+1 (813) 848-4878 They also use this number. Be aware

  • May 25, 2020

On May 5th I saw their add on line at LetGo and I contacted them. We agreed to meet at my house. They arrived and we negotiated a repair scope and cost of $650.00. I paid them via Zelle as they requested. They started to do the repairs and when they were finished, about 2 hours later, they called me out to see the work. It is horrible, dull, rough, and they did more damage then they did repairs. They were in the car when I came out and pulled out of my driveway in haste.

I have spoken to them several times and allowed them many opportunities to repay me for the "work" and we actually agreed on 50% but they scammed me out of a return as well. I searched them out to realize they are hunters, predators, on line. I have done all I could to hold them accountable but neither the Police, the DAs office, the State of Professional Business Practices, cares. I have been told this is considered to small, pety crime, and a very low priority, so they will and can contine to practice their deceptive business practices and will never be vetted by anyone with is not important to anyone. I have filed and will pursue a Small Claims in Hillsborough County but I have already been told I will never be able to collect a cent.

How is any of this right and how can they continue to operate when everyone agrees they are scammers, thiefs, operating openly unchallenged?

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