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report scam

David Negus

Country United States
State New York
City Rocky Point
Address 269 Rocky Point Landing Rd
Phone (631) 901-3383

David Negus Reviews

  • Jan 21, 2023

David Negus, an LIRR employee taking overtime with his stay at home wife Jeanette Negus, making it a secret and covering it up by rudely shunning the news reporter away.

The actions by David Negus and reactions to the news reporter by Jeanette Negus was rude and should not have done that. The reporter was not even rude with her and did nothing wrong to her other than covering a report and compliyng with the demands of his job just like how David Negus took overtime other hard working lirr employees could of. Selfish! If anything it may be cheating the tax payers for very personal gain.

Other affiliates include Mia Negus, Jeanette Negus, Kayley Negus

This is an opinion piece made to expose corruption in those with significant influence in various agencies including public owned agencies, like David Negus as in this case, and not meant to slander in any form.

My claims are true as details are below, plenty of which mentioning or revealing his name.

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