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Country United States
State Missouri
City Hazelwood
Address 422 Hazelwood Logistics Center Dr.
Phone 844-418-2887

CUUP Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2022

Beware - the fit of these bras is horrible! Their size chart is way out-of-spec. I followed their measurement chart to the letter. My bra band was horribly tight and cut into my back. The under wires are painful and the straps cut into me.

This bra is NOT what is advertised. You will spend too much money for an unwearable bra. The bra I purchased was a "sale" bra so they wouldn't refund my money. If their size chart was accurate and they sent me a bra that actually fit me, I would be ok with it.

Imagine purchasing an item that was not sized as advertised, and then being told you are stuck with the merchandise. I guess Good Will will be getting an unused $50 bra from me. AVOID CUUP at all costs. Their nice images are nothing like what you will receive.

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