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Country United Kingdom
State England
City Finchley, London
Address 2 Woodberry Grove
Phone 44-203-519-2322

CTOption Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2016

I'd advise anyone who is thinking about joining ctoption to stay away and to not invest your money with them. Because of the inticing promises they made to me over the phone, I decided in November of 2015 to use their trial. They never told me that I could not withdral any money if profit was earned. After the trail period, which was supposed to last one week, my account more than doubled; things looked REALLY good. I soon found out, upon trying to withdral just the ROI, that I could not do that without closing out the account. And by closing the acount, I would only be able to withdral exactly what I put in, but none of the profit.

For awhile, I let the money sit there and didn't do anything - not even try and check the balance online. Finally last month I logged into the account and found the account had been reduced to about a third of what it once was after the trial period, so I decided to close it. Since last month (September), I have been trying to contact them, but no one writes back nor calls. The hardest and the most frustrating thing is that there isn't a U.S phone number to call bacause they're headquartered in London. Now, my money is floating out there.


  • May 4, 2016

I deposited funds with Ctoption to place trades on binary options. At first everything went fine so I agreed to a bonus which would tie up my deposit for about 6 months. As soon as I was given a bonus things began to change. The trader trading my account could no longer win trades. The balance began to drop so I stopped them from trading my account and started trading it myself. Again things began to go ok until I got near completion of my trading bonus. All of a sudden there was a 2 to 3 second delay in processing pricing and every trade I received the worst pricing possible. when I complained about this my account rep George West informed me everything was normal. That is price manipulation and if this company was in the United States or they were regulated they would have been fined or shut down for that practice. There was nothing I could do about it so I continued to trade the account until the necessary trading requirement was completed. On April 15th of 2016 I requested a withdrawal from my account on the company website. No one has responded to that request. I have gone to the live chat 9 days and I am always told my account rep will call me within 24 hours. I haven't received a call. I have emailed support 47 times in the past year without a response. I have also emailed George West directly 4 times, operations 3 times, and compliance twice. I want to both warn people about this company as well as hopefully get some help getting my money back. There are some good binary options companies but companies like Ctoption gives the entire industry a bad name. Beware of this company.

  • Mar 28, 2016

This involves the UK based binary option broker - CTOption I deposited US$250.00 with them when they said my funds could "be withdrawn at any time" and "just like a bank". Perhaps they are not happy that I managed to increase the funds from US$250.00 to US342.19 within a few days.

They are now claiming that I have insufficient funds when I applied to withdraw US$250.00 from them. When I asked about the status of the withdrawal they simply do not reply in spite of many emails to them.

Meanwhile, their website still shows that I have US$ 342.19 with them until now.

Yesterday (12/3/2016 @ approx 8.30pm.), I received a phone call from a Ctoption lady agent and she said I should not report to the FCA and that we can resolve the matter ourselves. However, when I asked about the status of my US$250.00 withdrawal request she was very evasive and did not provide any helpful info. Instead, she went on to advise me to deposit more funds to make more money by increasing my turnover! At this stage I had to hang up on her.

I am beginning to believe that Ctoptions is running some sort of 'ponzi' scheme At the risk of boring you, I have included my last 3 emails and some other info below for your information and attention .-

  • Oct 19, 2015

I opened up a small account with CTOptions earlier this year to test some Binary Options strategies. About a month and a half ago I requested a payout of my account balance of $466. From past experience I knew it takes time to get the money transfered back to my card so I didn't worry about the money for a while. However, after about a month I went back in to check my account. I found that my account balance had gone down $100. This was due to two $50 Dormant Fees. Of course my account had been dormant because I thought I was clearing the account.

I reached out to the woman that I dealt with the last time I did a withdrawal. She responded with a simple response to contact my account manager. I sent him an email. I got no response. I sent an email to the very nice young lady that helped me setup my account originally. NO response.

I then sent an email to the same three again as well as all six emails provided on their website under the "contact us" tab. Still no response. I just checked my account and it is still showing a balance of $366.

I would advise to stay away from this company like the plague. Not only the way they are handling this but what does it say about their financial state when they can't pay out my account of $466? This is an extremely small amount of money in the trading industry. Traders have accounts in the tens of thousands of dollars and they can't pay me back this money says a lot.

I'm ginving them a few more days and the next step will be contacting an attorney's office (Keithley Lake & Associates) in Anguilla or London where they have offices. It is now about principle.

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