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  • Aug 3, 2022

Thomas Charles Franchina is an old Italian/US citizen who is an alleged scammer. He's been reported so many times, but no one in the US government seems to care because he is a US Citizen. He claims to be a Project Executive with over 35 years of experience in both public and private sector projects internationally.

Long story short, Thomas Charles Franchina set up companies including PanAsia International in Vietnam, GetPongo Holdings in Singapore and Jamore in the USA (dating back to 2016), and as was discovered later on, things really went downhill quickly.

He has unfortunately and allegedly committed acts of fraud, stolen investment money and scammed employees, suppliers and agencies out of payment (he allegedly hired them and did not have the money to pay for them, but took the work). There are lawsuits and complaints posted publicly against him, of which some can be found here:

Attempts to resolve things with him have allegedly gone unheard for 2+ years and now he has allegedly fled Vietnam, not been in Singapore and allegedly established residency in Dubai, allegedly faking that he does not have the money to pay back any investment dollars, expenses or employees that he incurred expenses for.

There are over 20+ people he has allegedly done this to in Vietnam, Singapore and India. Legal and police authorities in Vietnam and Singapore are allegedly seeking Thomas Charles Franchina for tax evasion, unpaid employee wages, fraud, embezzlement, stealing investor funds, not paying suppliers, not paying employees.

He continues to open up fake businesses including Italian Sun Holdings in order to allegedly funnel money and to allegedly steal funds from investors, business partners and others. He is allegedly currently under litigation and being pursued globally by authorities.

He has also claimed he's an artist having sold his paintings to Lady Gaga, has attempted to put out PR articles about himself to claim his expertise and is overall just a really horrible person that even his family has allegedly indicated he stole money from them. This is to warn others about him and put him on international radar that he can't do this to anyone else, get him to pay back the money or put him in jail.

Attaching links to public complaints, and alleged images of him and his passport so hopefully someone will pay attention and get this horrible human being in jail.

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