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Crunch Fitness

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 22 W 19th Street, 3rd Floor
Phone 2129930300

Crunch Fitness Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021

Based on recommendation of Army recruiter daughter joined a gym. In an effort to assist since COVID has made it difficult to get a job with high risk family I set up auto draft to any monthly member ship fee. Daughter has been pleased with results. She wanted to increase efforts for goal of enlisting in Armed Services by end of year she decided to get a personal trainer.

She explained to them about payment plans and manager told her to sign a paper to show they discussed it and would have contracts next day. The next day I had a debit from my account t for 150 bucks. It almost affected me mortgage sumner. She called several times and was assured it was a mistake by Jake and it would be refunded. This week now it’s not. A mistake and she was wrong. The management bullied her by engaging I a shouting match between her and two grown men.

She was told she shouldn’t have her mama name on her account anyway. I am Infuriated for the selfishness harassment and bullying tactics conducted by persona trainer Mgt at this gym. My daughter in good faith made arrangements and they went into her account and pulled an account number to charge before agreed date and got amnesia after they did it. A freaking joke!

  • Feb 16, 2021

Due to health crisis, businesses closed on March 13, 2020. While Crunch Gym was closed, I was charged, $12.06 in June and $69 in July. Got an email that said, October fee of $32.90 is overdue. I made a request to apply the $32.90 prepaid last month fee for October. I was told about the billing policy to cancel prior to the month requested to cancel.

Last email I got was, any balanced fee not paid will be sent to collections. Haven't set foot at the gym since March 13 and I was charged maintenance fees of $89.06, plus $32.90 prepaid last month fee. I refused to pay $32.90, because total charges of $121.96 is enough to cover October fee. Today, got calls from a company saying, if calls are not returned, it would result in legal matters.

  • Oct 13, 2020

I asked a woman over the phone if she could cancel my membership 3 years ago, she said she doesnt do that over the phone, but, she said she would do it this one time. The billing went on for several months, then stopped. Yesterday, I noticed that Crunch fitness started taking money ($10.45) out of my account again. I researched and it goes back 7 months that they were taking money out of my account (they did it today as well)

I have had it with this company. I spoke with a Katrina yesterday via email, she said it was nothing she could do? No one was going to a gym doing covid from November 2019 to a month ago? Katrina refused to refund me anything.

I noticed, a lot of people are complaining about Crunch Fitness. The company does not like to cancel memberships???

  • Mar 17, 2019

Prior to joining the gym, I was told they had a trainer that was an occupational therapist on staff, this was giving to me by desk manager Garrett. That was not true. He also said that the friend who referred me would get a $20.00 visa gift card and I would get a $10.00 gift card also. This did not happen.

When I asked later about this he said he didn't know why we never received them, but look in to it. Weeks later i asked again, he said we where not illegible. Several of the staff would ignor me when I needed assistance, while on their phones. I had a personal trainer who was great Carolyn.

I called the manager Garrett to talk about these, I told him I wanted to quit the gym, he then informedme that I couldnot until I paid for 3 months. I told him that he did not give me this information when I joined, he said he did. That was not true.

Finally I had enough and just told him I wanted to quit after I paid the 3 months. He assured me that he would personally would take care of this. I asked him if I had to come to the gym to cancel my membership, again he said no he would see to it the my memebership was cancelled.

I went to the gym 3/18/2019, to make sure my membership was cancelled. Again he lied, it had not been cancelled, I was informed that I had to sign to get it cancelled. This was the worst gym I have ever been to. Garrett out right lied to me serveral times.

  • Jul 12, 2017

I joined Crunch Fitness because a guy approched me in the mall saying that i could Join and cancel anytime no hassle just had to call and cancel. I joined the one in Hamilton, nj but used the one in Fairless hills, pa because it was closer. They said it wouldn't be a problem. Well it was because you only get full service if you go to the gym you signed up with. I only went once and decided i didn't really like it and cancelled for the next month. That's when it all started.

a couple of months later...I started getting harassing phone calls and letters stating i owe them money. I told them i cancelled with them, and only had it for one month. At that point i was working a lot of hours and didn't have time to go an argue with them. They keep charging my bank account so i had to have that changed. Although my bank let them have another payment before hand because i did not open the mail soon enough to get back to them because of my schedule. I guess thats my fault but i cancelled it. I figured maybe they will leave me alone now so i let them have it.

of course they were still sending letters and still calling me. Saying I had to go through this whole thing to cancel, like getting a notorized letter and so forth. Plus i had to go there in person. They dont tell you that when you sign up. I told them that and they said they sent it to me in an email. They apparently had the wrong email when i asked them what email they had. So i never got that part. I EVEN TOLD THEM THEY HAD THE WRONG EMAIL AND WHEN THEY RESENT IT THEY STILL GOT IT WRONG.

The guy told me it was month to month and no problem to cancel just call and let them know. I did that. Now, it's on my credit report and lowered my credit by almost 100 points. i worked hard to raise my credit to get duped by this place. Mind you the account was just put on my credit and this happen 2-3 years ago. They will give you a hard time and WILL NOT CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT..BEWARE OF THIS SCAM. IT WAS A BIG MISTAKE SIGNING UP WITH CRUNCH FITNESS. Please Take a walk in the park it's better exercise and no headaches. STAY AWAY FROM CRUNCH FITNESS WHERE EVER YOU LIVE YOU WILL REGRET IT. THEY HAVE RUINED MY LIFE. NOW I CAN'T BUY A HOME AND HAVE TO WAIT THE 7 YEARS FOR IT TO COME OFF. THIS IS SO NOT FAIR..HORRIBLE COMPANY. I WOULD LIKE TO START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT RIPPOFF REPORT.

  • Feb 27, 2017

I was checking my bank statement and notice some charges that I was not aware of, upon further investigation I noticed that had reoccurred three different time.

  • May 19, 2016

I used my credit card to obtain gym membership and the manager requested that I keep it on file for monthly recurring charges. In compliance with my gym contract, I provided written notice more than 10 days in advance via a letter mailed by the postal service and electronically via email. I was shocked to see recurring charges on my account after I followed cancellation procedures outlined in my contract. When I saw the charges continued after two forms of written notice, I contacted the telephone number associated with the charges on my statement. I reached ABC Crunch Fitness at 888-827-9262 and spoke with Cheryl about the Unauthorized CHARGES to my account. She informed me that my efforts to cancel the membership were inadequate and that I would need to present myself in person to the gym site in order to fill out their cancellation form. This is a SHADY Business practice. It reflects poorly on the company and is unsafe for consumers. I may have to cancel my credit card just to insure that charges don't continue to accrue. BEWARE! Don't leave your credit card on file with this company!!

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