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Crowd Surf

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 1305 Clinton Street
Phone 615-679-9783

Crowd Surf Reviews

  • Jun 3, 2017

CrowdSurf/Cielo24 have a consistent pattern of not paying bonuses as advertised. They do not reply to emails regarding missing bonus payments; they send erroneous bonus payments for random amounts significantly below the owed amount; they refuse to pay owe bonus amounts; they do not list their physical location anywhere on their website or social media; they randomly change bonus requirements; they do not make their affiliation with Cielo24 known to anyone.

This is not my story but that of many, many individuals who have worked for them. You can learn this by talking to other contractors of theirs on social media.

They currently owe me approx $6 in bonuses and support refused to reply to me after one single automated reply. Half the bonuses came through WorkMarket and were cancelled "by a CrowdSurf administrator". I was suspiciously only paid 10 cents in bonuses for the following week, and the payout is listed as being from a day I DID NOT EVEN WORK FOR THEM. That was their little "eff you" to me after I mentioned that they were doing this to their workers on purpose in the reddit group.

They try to justify their bottom-of-the-barrel rates by saying "this is not a job, you are not an employee" and yet they incenticize their workers using bonuses, then always seem to underpay those bonuses every time. This is no coincidence.

They are either ready to fold, or just a corrupt company engaging in fraudulent business practices.

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