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Credit Guard

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 7885 W Sunset Rd #170
Phone 702-800-4940

Credit Guard Reviews

  • Nov 16, 2016

Warning, do not give Credit Guard your money, they are a group of dishonest people that

will take your money give you false promises, poor results and very bad and unprofessional customer service.

On August 10, 2016 I contacted Credit Guard Co. to remove 2 specific items from my credit reports.

And Before starting the process, Account Rep. Stephen Roth said that he was absolutely

certain that his company could easily remove the 2 items within 60 days. Stephen Roth also

guaranteed that and if they did not remove both items from the 3 major credit bureaus I would receive a full refund.

And because I believed Stephen Roth's false promises I paid 1200.00 to have the 2 items

removed from the 3 credit bureaus.

One month later I received credit reports from all 3 credit bureaus which indicated that

Credit Guard Co. did not remove the 2 items from the 3 credit bureaus as promised. So I

called Credit Guard Co. 12 times to discuss the matter and left 8 voice mail messages and

also sent 5 e mail messages about the very poor results. All of my telephone and e mail

messages went unanswered.

But because I was persistent with sending e mail messages to Credit Guard about the poor

results, Eventually the owner Tim Clark sent me a flurry of e mail messages in which he was

very rude and offensive. And instead of appoligizing for the poor results that his company

provided he was very rude and insulted me numerous times.

I attempted to discuss the matter with Tim clark in a civilized manner but rather than

behaving like a professional adult and discussing the matter with me on the telephone Tim

Clark chose the cowardly approach of only e mailing me while insulting my character and intentions.

The main problem is that Tim Clark is a dishonest person who makes false verbal promises

and when he can't perform he becomes very rude and abrasive and blames the customer for his

shortcomings. For example he actually accused me of stealing money from him because I

sought help from my bank to get my refund after Tim Clark ignored all of my phone calls and

e mail messages. And because he completely refused to communicate with me. the bank was

able to lawfully return $600.00 of my money. This angered Tim Clark to the extent that he

now has threatened to "throw me into collections." Even though he has not performed as

promised and when I contacted he and his chronies refused to discuss the matter with me.

What ever you do, Don't be fooled by his web site advertisement of fast results within

60days or your money back. It is nothing mor than a scam.

I took the liberty to research this company and essentially it is a bait and switch operation.

And They have done the same things to many other customers, a definite pattern of verbally

making false promises and telling the customer anything the customer wants to hear.

Then they submit the same disputes to the credit bureaus that you can do for yourself for an exorbitant price.

And once your bad results arrive, Tim Clark insults the customer placing the blame on the

customer and hides behind his contract which indicates that the results of their service is

not guaranteed even though they routinely verbally guarantee their results to many customers..

The only things that credit Guard Co. are experts at are: misrepresenting their company's

services, and deliberatly defrauding customers by making false promises.

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