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Credit Fix Financial Institution

Country United States
State California
City Ventura
Address 1923 Eastman Avenue Suite A2

Credit Fix Financial Institution Reviews

  • Aug 19, 2015

Paid collateral upfront totaling four months of monthly payments. and then was told 2 minutes before the 2 hours were up that based on my credit they needed more collateral to put the loan through after promising everything was good

I was online loking for a personal loan to help build my new business. Since my credit is not good I was not able to obtain a usual bank loan. i was contacted by Credit Fix Institution telling me based on the information i had provided I was matched with a lender for a $3,000 loan with a great interest rate and easy payback.

After speaking with the representative Kora Chapman I was emailed the loan contract and told that based on my credit i would have to put up some sort of collateral against the loan such as a vehicle or cash(which would be the first 4 months of payments. Although that sounded weird to me to pay cash upfront to get cash back i was desperate.

After I moneygrammed the payment to the person they told me to (still feeling nervous) they reasured me several times that this would go through, that's why i have a legally binding contract and that I would be calling them back to say thank you.

About 6 minutes before the 2 hours were up Kora Chapman called me and told me there was a problem and based on my credit history the insurance company of the loan need an additional payment of the full amount I already sent. i knew at tht excact second it was a scam and I was screwed. I told them i felt scammed and she said she needed to terminate the call and felt no remorse what so ever. Then she tried to be smart and sasy but if you can get half the amount we can process the loan 100%. I said, I had no more money you stole it all.

After speaking with the supervisor they did say they would refund the money but it will take 28-31 days to get it. if it even comes. Beware!!!!!!!!!

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