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Credit First National Association

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cleveland
Address P.0. Box 81315
Phone 1-800-321-3950

Credit First National Association Reviews

  • Jan 13, 2022

My Mortgage co. sent payments to all of my bills to be payed off,before I could get the loan. So they over payed Tires Plus witch has Credit First N.A Bank to where you send your payments to. So my bill was 409.85 and my mortgage sent to them a check no. 71488, for amount of 589.00.

They where to send me back 179.15. But every I call they would say the check was mailed off 01/05/2022. But it is the same BULL SH*T, every time I called. I haved called them 5 times. this is BULLSH*T.

  • Apr 8, 2021

This is a fair warning for anybody that is going to inquire a Firestone credit card through credit first national association? They force you to use their card at a high rate of interest and if you don't use that credit card every month they will close it and when you break down and you are at a Firestone service station? you won't be able to use the credit card that Credit First National Association gives you because they force you to use the card and if your truck or car is maintained that you don't need to use it they will close your account and they charge outrageous interest rates you are better off going to a loan shark before you go get a credit card through this Bank. With the covid crisis firestone's across the country are limiting service so when you can get an appointment to get your car fixed don't count on this credit card? because this credit card company probably closed your account, always have a nationally recognized MasterCard Visa discover card or American Express do not count on this card? (it is useless).....

  • Oct 6, 2015

I took my last three automobiles to firestone because being a woman i needed someone to trust, This was over 15 years period time. On every two oil charge I always ask to have my tires rotatedand to check my brakes (3000 miles) I have heard noise in my wheels and asked firestone to check the wheels and brakes, I was told everything looked good, six weeks later my brake light came on, again I take my car to firestone and on this visit firestone tells me I needed brakes and roters and my brake was cracked and rust. I don't understand why firestone could not see the condition of my brakes before they got to this condition to need brakes and rotors, and to be cracked and rust in six weeks

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