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Credit Consulting Services Inc

Country United States
State California
City Salinas
Address 201 John St., Ste. E
Phone 800-679-6888

Credit Consulting Services Inc Reviews

  • Dec 31, 2016

Credit Consulting Services Inc updated their website to force consumers to make recurring payments at amounts CCS decides. I have a Term of Agreement dated May 19, 2015, to pay $43.05 per month. The CCS website violates my Term of Agreement with the agency. The website leaves no minimum payment options. I made several attempts to make a $50 non-reoccurring payment. The website REFUSED every attempt. I have been making regular monthly payments in different amounts (never less than the T of A) since I started paying off the debt.

Credit Consulting Services Inc. stopped sending me monthly paper statements claiming the statements were being redirected back to their agency. I have not had ANY of my other mail sent back to the senders. I called last month in November and requested the paper statements be sent along with a complete statement of payments made to date. CCS sent the requested information. My current statement minimum payment amount is $43.05. I make payments that vary from $50-$300 monthly and I have NEVER missed one payment.

The website also directed me to contact the agency to make a payment if I could not make the payments stated on the website. I have already made my arrangements prior to them changing their website. I will pay the amount I determine no less than the minimum due if I am not able to pay what CCS is demanding. I will not call personally unless I take my complaints as high up their corporate ladder as possible and my online complaints will continue. The website is for online payments. If I wanted to make mail payment I could have done so all along.

I made several attempts to make a payment on 12/30/16 and all were rejected by the website. The website also states I have made no previous payments when I have been making payments without fail since May 2015.

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