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Creative Management Company

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 8323 Southwest Freeway, Suite 330
Phone (713) 772-4420

Creative Management Company Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2015

I read the report below from the person who said that conventional lenders require 60% to 70% ownership, and I did not know this when I purchased. I was offered a owner carry contract by Alex Creswell. There are three separate problems. I don't have much time, but here they are:

1. I found out upon closing on my condominium in southwest houston that a conventional bank or FHA would not have financed the condo anyway. It was owner carry contract. In retrospect, the owners knew this full well. One of the problems is the HOA is failing. There is not enough emergency reserve I understand, and things were not repaired properly after the big storm and flooding.

2. These old condos in Southwest houston are failing. I highly doubt that ours are 60% owner occupancy, either. They certainly won't disclose this if they don't have to. The owners are FAR removed from the property and could care less about what happens, as long as they get their rent. One owner consistently did not do backgrwound checks and let gang members and drug dealers in. After some serious police issues, they still did not eject the tenants. Someone in the complex took it into their own hands and threw rocks through all the windows, which forced the move out. During this time, as far as I know, the HOA and the Creative Management did nothing useful. They could have slapped the owner with a lawsuit, but there's no money for that. The condos are failing.

3. The HOA for our complex is failing. There is not enough money to fix things. There is a lot of crime and the gates don't work and close on top of cars and people. I stepped forward and suggested some plans that could be worked out. Immediately, when the HOA board saw that it would include a $50 more surcharge per month to have better security and people that would let the cars in and out and check them, they dismissed me, the ideas, and would not respond to me again. They are protecting their own finances, and are resourceful people without a care for the crime and the people that get hurt. They told me "Give us your ideas one at a time and work it all out" but did not respond when I attempted to. It was patronizing at best.

4. Ed Cheek, the Creative Management director for our complex should have retired years ago and everyone says this. But the HOA does nothing about him. They do not care if things are taken care of by him. I actually sat in a meeting and challenged him, and there was no response from anyone. They already knew. If you have a real problem, expect that you will get no response or a patronizing response, and if they don't have the time to solve it, they will simply not respond to you and I suppose wait for your to hire an attorney. One example was that my new next door neighbors were chain smokers and the condos are so shabby that the smoke was filling my home. (I am an owner.) I liked the people, I just needed help with the smoke which was causing problems. Ed Cheek did nothing. He did email this, "Well, I don't suppose that we can do anything about people smoking in their own homes." He did nothing helpful, like check into the law or anything, until I did. Then, I got an appropriate letter from attorneys.

5. Recently, we became aware that the unit next to ours has very little sheetrock. Probably burst pipes. THe owner moved in renters without sheetrock on much of the walls. As you can guess, foul cooking and bathroom smells came in, marijuana, and we can actually here people at a whisper. I asked for help and got nothing. Owners are supposed to maintain their walls in these condos. When I wrote Creatiave Management Ed Cheek and said that the problem was escalating, there was no response and i SPECIFICALLY ASKED that he report back. Nothing. We moved.

6. Alex Creswell sold me the condominium telling me that the bowing ceiling as due to an "old leak" and it was in the sheetrock. The A/C went out within weeks of buying it also. In fact, the "bowing ceiling" is the joists. They were anxious to pawn it off on whomever was foolish enough to buy.

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