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Creative Curb Company

Country United States
State Texas
City Spring
Address 201 Leaflet.
Phone 832-641-1033

Creative Curb Company Reviews

  • Nov 9, 2016

We hired Creative Curb Company to paint our curb 3 years ago and they did an outstanding job. We paid the standard $50 fee but wanted specific stencils that had to be ordered and we paid extra for, approximately $20 each. Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears stencils were purchased and our curb was painted. Again, we were very happy. Fast forward 3 years and now the paint is mostly worn off and it needs to be redone. We contacted them in their Facebook page and asked if this was common for the paint to come off and fade. The owner said yes. So we asked how much they would want to come back out and re-paint it, using the stencils of course that we had purchased. The owner refused to come out stating they no longer service our area. We are less than 20 miles from his location which pretty much makes us the same area. We asked for the stencils that we had purchased so we could hire someone else and he refused to give them to us.

At no time during the transaction were we told that this would be a one time service only and that they would retain the stencils. Had we known that, we would have elected to do the basic service and not order them. The owner claims that was not part of the deal but cannot show me anywhere where this was disclosed to us. After several exchanges back and forth through email, the owner is still refusing to give us the stencils we paid for and is now resorting to name calling telling me I am stupid and an awful woman. I have asked repeatedly for him to show me where his claims were disclosed to us and nothing but insults follow. The owner is extremely unprofessional and has very bad business ethics and practices.

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