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Create and Craft

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Peterborough
Address Ideal Home House/Newark Rd
Phone 855-246-9999

Create and Craft Reviews

  • Sep 5, 2015

I was so happy to find Create and Craft until... promised 5-7 business day delivery turned to be almost 40 days with me spending an hour on the phone every time I called, repeating the same thing over and over again to different agents and hearing the same excuse "Your item has been delivered from UK via Royal Mail" Even IF I never ordered from UK I could buy this excuse one time. But it wasn't the case. During the same period of time I also placed a couple of orders at UK site and received all of them via, you've guessed it, right?- Royal Mail.

Oddly enough, Create and Craft was sending emails (almost every day) asking me to tell them what I think. At first, I took them up on their offer and submitted my honest review. Needless to say – it has never seen the light and given a chance to see the world, so other customers can have proper expectations.

Then... it got even more interesting. My credit card number got compromised. Luckily, my bank called me right away and replaced my card. Well, having a couple of orders with them on Flexi-pay (pyment plan) I knew that they wouldn't be able to process my payments. Since "for our security" they store only last used credit card and their website back office is horrible, with absolutely no way for a customer to a) see what order is on Flexi-pay, b) what card was used for a flexi-pay order and c) no way to change payment information for future flexi-payments I decided to do two things: 1) order something (I didn't need at all) to make sure that the card number on their file is current and 2) called customer service and asked to change stolen card number on all flexi-pay orders to make sure that payments are made on time. For that, I spent over an hour and was assured that all orders were taken care of.

Guess what? Two weeks later I found out that because they couldn't process a flexi-payment (due to the fact that it was going against the card that was stolen) they added a $20 "administration" fee to that order. And because they couldn't wave this fee (really?) - I agreed that they process the payment + $20 and put $20 as spending cash on my account. Well, they couldn't process the payment because their system was giving them an error, which was escalated and was supposed to be resolved within 24-48 hours. When I called 48 hours later, I faced the fact that nothing was resolved and another $20 was added as "administration" fee. Issue was escalated to HQ and was supposed to be resolved within 24-48 hours - "I will call you personally to update you on the status" - I was told. More than 2 weeks later... no personal callsand every tiem I call them, I hear the same "Our IT department has acknowledged the issue, call us in 24-48 hours". As for administration fees – story is the same: "we can't wave it".

In addition, during this time I realized that one of my orders was not delivered. I was told that a refund would be issued and I would be able to see on my account in 7 days. Well... 11 days later – no money and, of course, no explanation and always someone else's fault. Not even once I heard an apology for crewing things up. I am not even talking about fixing these screw-ups in timely manner. Why? Their customers will pay $20 for each screw-up...

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