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Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Newtown Square
Address 3549 Rhoads Ave
Phone 610-359-6200

CrazyRichardSoldIt Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2017

Crazy Richard Sold It (Richard Gottfried) steals the consignment items entrusted to him

from his clients by claiming he never received them, that the goods were defective,

broken, worthless or otherwise unsalable. Meanwhile he turns around and sells them on

his Ebay page but claims that either he didn't receive them in the first place or that

they were worthless and he disposed of them. He does this over and over again on a

massive scale. He specifically targets elderly and naive clients.

Richard Gottfried is a career criminal, convicted felon, and former inmate - this is

indisputable -" target="_blank">

Avoid Crazy Richard / Richard Gottfried at all costs, just check his universally negative

Yelp reviews (

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