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Craig Mueller & Associates

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 808 S 7th St
Phone 1 702-382-1200

Craig Mueller & Associates Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2022

My daughter was involved in a fight at her high school. The school did not add the video to the evidence but added lots of biased material. They expelled my daughter. The same daughter was jumped at her school in January and the girl that did it is still there enrolled.

Craig was to review the paperwork and speak at the hearing so My daughter has the same opportunities as the girl that jumped her. Craig NEVER showed up at the hearing but he sent a guy I never knew, 28 minutes late, to a 30 minute review hearing.

I contacted Craig AGAIN after the hearing and he said to send him the decision paperwork AND he said he would take a look and inquire how to appeal the decision and again, I never heard back from him again.

My daughter is now still enrolled at a behavioral school. When I contacted Craig, his response was "F You Pal. He was all too happy to take my money, but never offered a proper defense.

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