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Country Inn & Suites by Radisson

Country United States
State Michigan
City Kalamazoo
Address 1912 E Kilgore Rd
Phone 1 269-290-7093

Country Inn & Suites by Radisson Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2022

THIS IS NOT A 4 STAR HOTEL! Expedia has deceived me for the last time. After check-in, I enter the elevator to find trash and a spill on the floor. On my way to the room, I find large stains on the carpet. Entering the room, I find the carpet dirty, the cabinet which houses the microwave and refrigerator damaged, a stained couch, a loud and broken-faced air conditioner, and mismatched paint touch-up on completely bare walls.

Upon entering the bathroom, the tub is leaking, the sink drains slowly, and there is a broken-off prong stuck in the electrical socket. Additionally, if I did not keep the bathroom fan running, the room would smell like cigarette and marijuana smoke.

Going down to the pool I find, the pool light floating from an electrical cord, chipping paint, and missing tiles all over the pool. Additionally, I find weeds growing in the cracks all over the pool deck. I look up on the building and find a piece of trim missing from the soffit.

Where the missing piece is located it looks like mold or mildew is growing. When I checked out I provided a list of these issues to the front desk clerk, he never told me these items would be repaired or offered me a word of apology.

I will never return and will never use Expedia again. I have had better accommodations in third-world countries.

  • Feb 28, 2022

Recently stayed at a Radisson hotel that was absolutely filthy, with stains on carpeting, blood on towels and sheets, broken faucet/drain, orange tap water, green slime in pool, bedbugs, dead insects in windowsills, and inedible breakfast foods. When I brought the condition of my room to the attention of staff there, they did not act surprised that my room was dirty (or that someone else's clothes were in my bed, which had no blankets, by the way) and said they couldn't help.

I ended up leaving the next day and was overcharged for my stay--something the hotel repeatedly refuses to refund. I reached out to corporate about the conditions of this property, and while they acted concerned, did nothing to help me. I have asked them repeatedly to do an inspection of the hotel since it is not only a public health hazard, but it is located in a high crime neighborhood with no security, and cars get broken into in the parking lot on the regular (someone was actually arrested during my stay for trying to break in the hotel, which wouldn't be too hard because the keycards do not work and most of the deadbolts in the rooms are warped).

The hotel staff also uses bait-and-switch techniques when selling rooms--telling customers they have until 5pm on the day of to cancel or edit reservations, but when customers do actually try to edit them, they are told they do not honor this policy anymore and instead need a 72 cancellation window (even though the printed confirmation document they send to you states none of this).

The hotel also claims to have COVID-19 protocol, but the rooms were not clean and none of the staff wore masks or socially distanced. In fact, when I got to my room, I wiped down surfaces in the bathroom and on the furniture with bleach wipes because things looked grimy, and the wipes did have dirt and dust on them, which indicates to me they did not actually clean anything in the room. My room also smelled like cigarette smoke despite a no-smoking policy.

I'm absolutely baffled that Radisson is not interested in keeping up their brand or doing any kind of reputation management by letting this hotel (located in Kalamazoo, MI) continue to operate. If you look at the reviews of this hotel, they've been bad for years, and while Radisson claims to be working with management to improve things, it's clear they aren't taking it seriously.

I do not recommend any Radisson hotel property after this experience, because if you have issues (such as the hotel charging you for nights you did not stay) they will not step in and back you up, leaving you to pay an exorbitant amount for hotel rooms you did not use and were filled with bedbugs, dirt, and dried blood.

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